Plain and Simple (Andy Robinson newsletter)

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Are you looking for The Plain and Simple Zine?

Title: Plain and Simple
Publisher: The Official Andy Robinson Fan Club
Editor(s): Rebecca Wise
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1995-?
Medium: print
Size: letter sized
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Andy Robinson
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Plain and Simple is a gen fan club newsletter for Andy Robinson (the actor who played Garak in ST: DS9). They contain letters from Robinson, poetry, some fiction, news, photographs, and con reports. Issues contain between 12 and 20 pages.

Issue 1

cover issue #1

Plain and Simple 1 was published April 1995 and contains 13 pages.

  • A letter from Andy Robinson
  • Andy Robinson: The Man Behind The make-up by Cindy Tyo Cole
  • "Truth" by Shirley Johnson (poem)
  • "Vindication" by Shirley Johnson (poem)

Issue 2

cover issue #2

Plain and Simple 2 was published in the Summer of 1995 and contains 13 pages.

  • Amnesty International letter thanking the club for their donation
  • Andy Robinson: All About Garak by Cindy Tyo
  • other unknown content

Issue 3

Plain and Simple 3

Issue 4/5

Plain and Simple 4/5 contains 34 pages and some fiction.