Plain and Simple (Andy Robinson newsletter)

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Are you looking for The Plain and Simple Zine?

Title: Plain and Simple
Publisher: The Official Andy Robinson Fan Club
Editor(s): Rebecca Wise
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1995-?
Medium: print
Size: letter sized
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Andy Robinson
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Plain and Simple is a gen fan club newsletter for Andy Robinson (the actor who played Garak). They contain letters from Robinson, poetry, some fiction, news, photographs, and con reports. Issues contain between 12 and 20 pages.

Issue 1

cover issue #1

Plain and Simple 1 was published April 1995 and contains 13 pages.

  • A letter from Andy Robinson
  • Andy Robinson: The Man Behind The make-up by Cindy Tyo Cole
  • "Truth" by Shirley Johnson (poem)
  • "Vindication" by Shirley Johnson (poem)

Issue 2

cover issue #2

Plain and Simple 2 was published in the Summer of 1995 and contains 13 pages.

  • Amnesty International letter thanking the club for their donation
  • Andy Robinson: All About Garak by Cindy Tyo
  • other unknown content

Issue 3

Plain and Simple 3

Issue 4/5

Plain and Simple 4/5 contains 34 pages and some fiction.