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Are you looking for the Plain and Simple (Andy Robinson newsletter)?

Title: The Plain and Simple Zine
Publisher: Chained to the Typewriter Press
Date(s): 1995-1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Language: English
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The Plain and Simple Zine is a slash Garak/Bashir Star Trek: Deep Space 9 fanzine. Many issues included fiction with BDSM and all issues required an age statement to purchase.

Reactions and Reviews

A Plain and Simple Zine 1 through 10 in the Star Trek: DS9 fandom, features Garak/Bashir. These zines range from very good to just plain acceptable, but there's hardly a truly bad story in the lot. You will find typos and blurry text and the layout isn't very nice to look at, but the stories are overall worth owning the zines for. [1]

Issue 1

The First Plain and Simple Zine was published in 1995 and contains 100 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • Plans by DVS (6 pages)
  • A Tailor's Thank You by DVS (12 pages)
  • The Doctor's Answer by DVS (12 pages)
  • Revelations by DVS (8 pages) (won a 1995 STIFfie Award)
  • Garak's Trip by DVS (50 pages) (won a 1995 STIFfie Award)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I bought it blind because I trust DVS's style and didn't regret it. Sexy stories, even some plot and really neat dialogue. My only little quibble is that the print in issue 1 is rather small. It's mostly first-timers so far. I would like to see more about the problems in an established relationship - surely the Bajorans at the station would look askance at Bashir, and maybe Starfleet too... [2]

Issue 2

cover issue #2

The Second Plain and Simple Zine was published in Summer 1995 and contains 84 pages. It required an age statement to purchase.

"All art, with the exception of the border and fillo on the verso of the contents page, by TACS. The editors want to express total delight with her lovely contributions!"

This delight, however, for fans, had to be postponed -- This issue was originally planned to have art by TACS, however, according to an insert in the zine:
The contents page mentions that there is ART by TACS here in The Second Plain and Simple Zine. However; as this is written, it is three days before the zine is due to debut at Mountain Media Con, and the art seems to have been munched up by the post office. Or UPS. Unfortunately, the phone is out and calling to find out if the art is on the way is no longer an option. (Actually, the handwriting is on the wall -- the fates are pointing out that this is a hint. It's time to go to Plan B!) So when the art arrives, it will go in issue three and
 four (tentatively scheduled for September and November of
 95), and this time you will get another plain and simple
 cover for the plain and simple zine. You may be assured
 that the art will be worth the wait.

The stories were printed on different colored paper ranging fom white to pink to yellow and green.

From the editorial:
As per usual with ChttTP zines, we print the stories as they come in, which spreads out the cost (although it also forces a certain amount of collating, too). This means that there are blank pages here and there—wasted space which normally would be rather abhorrent to us. Rest assured, you are not charged for the blank spots! Please forgive the typos—as usual, most of them were discovered after we went to print. One major one has been corrected by hand in the first 35 copies. These have a version of "Restoration" which has 29 pages. Corrections and a font change have the other copies having a version with 25 pages. It turns out not to affect the postage or price. Thank ghod!
  • In the Soup by Mary E (16 pages)
  • Just Desserts by Mary E (a companion piece to In the Soup) (8 pages)
  • Belated Present by DVS (6 pages)
  • Garak Comes Home by DVS (24 pages)
  • After the Lexington Left by DVS (5 pages)
  • Restoration by DVS (25 pages, "Depending on which version you get, this is either 29 or 25 pages. Yes, playing with the fonts again!")

Issue 3

The Third Plain and Simple Zine was published in 1995 and contains 100 pages. The cover is by TACS.

cover of issue #3, TACS

According to the editorial in issue #2, this was to have had a story by a guest author, something that did not materialize: "The Third Plain and Simple Zine will be ready this fall. It will feature guest writer Anne Fairchild with a h/c story, and the rest will again be DVS stories, unless we get some responses to the Lexington story starter. Please remember that we would like to avoid S&M or undue violence in these stories. Thank you!"

From a 1995 ad in Late for Breakfast #27: "The zine features two fantastic TACS illos and is 85 pages long. Age statement required as usual. This is a slash zine. Do not order if you don't like the idea of two alien men in love!"

  • The Bodyguard by DVS (18 pages) ("Garak is guarding Bashir's body-but that isn't all he wants to do with it!") (won a 1995 STIFfie Award)
  • The Lie by DVS ("Garak and Bashir are together, but all is not well....") (4 pages)
  • In These Arms of Mine by DVS ("Trapped after an explosion on DS9, Garak reveals some truths to Bashir's dead body - but Bashir isn't really dead and when he recovers....!") (11 pages)
  • The Conspiracy by DVS ("The DVS version of what might happen during the next season. Garak, Odo, O'Brien and Dax team up to fight the Dominion - but what about Bashir. This is the long story of the zine.") (48 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Three stories by DVS, but all absolutely wonderful! The first story 'The Bodyguard' should be included in a Slash Primer, so perfectly slashy is the plot. 'In These Arms of Mine' has the most beautiful quotes within a simply lovely monologue by Garak - brought a tear to me eye! And the long novella 'The Conspiracy' is just plain *fun*! Slash at its best! [3]

Issue 4

The Fourth Plain and Simple Zine was published in 1995 and contains 100 pages. It has a front cover by TACS which won a 1995 STIFfie Award.

cover of issue #4, TACS
  • The Legacy by DVS (16 pages)
  • Some Forms of Torture by DVS (19 pages)
  • Terra Incognita by Anne Fairchild (41 pages)

Issue 5

The Fifth Plain and Simple Zine was published in 1995, contains 100 pages, and has a cover by TACS.

cover of issue #5, TACS
  • The Wedding by DVS (69 pages)
  • Courting Rites, Part 1 by Eros (3 pages)
  • Gifts by Anne Fairchild (13 pages)

Issue 6

The Sixth Plain and Simple Zine was published in 1996, 100 pages, and a cover by TACS.

cover of issue #6
  • It's All A Question of Timing by Karen Colohan (10 pages)
  • De'yla by Charis Phelan (5 pages)
  • Face to Face by Mandy (14 pages)
  • Rescued by Stanley (15 pages)
  • Following Orders by DVS (40 pages)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

The Seventh Plain and Simple Zine was published in 1996 and is 81 pages long. Fiction by DVS, Gene Delapneia, Catherine, Karen Colohan. All art by TACS.

  • Applying Heat by DVS (Saving Bashir--and accidently, O'Brien--from malfunctioning machinery leaves Garak in the Infirmary--and with a little problem, which only Bashir can cure. But what happens after?) (26 pages)
  • Aftermath by Catherine (Right after "Our Man Bashir", our man, Bashir gets a yen for his Cardassian friend) (7 pages)
  • Cornflower Blue by DVS (Four pages teasing Karen for her fondness for the "cornflower blue" as a description of Garak's eyes. DVS says the color describes something quite different!) (4 pages)
  • Night Visit by DVS (Running from Dukat, Garak hides in Bashir's--occupied--bed. Will friendship survive?) (9 pages)
  • Autumn Glory by Karen Colohan (It's 20 years later and Bashir has come back to DS9. Guess who is still there?) (7 pages)
  • Gossip by DVS (Bashir helps out his friend Garak with his sand baths--but is that all they're doing? Bajorans don't look kindly on bath boys, and gossip is running wild on DS9) (23 pages)
  • Valentine’s Dance by DVS (Dax talks Bashir and Garak into helping with a charity dance--but charity isn't the only thing that starts at home.) (4 pages)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

The Eighth Plain and Simple Zine published in 1996 and is 84 pages long.

  • The Pattern Of Our Future (53 pages) by DVS (In a sequel to the wedding story in #5, Garak and Bashir settle down to wedded bliss. It's not so bad when Garak's daughter arrives, but when Bashir's father shows up, things start to get a little crowded!)
  • Soul Searching (24 pages) by Stanley (Garak has disappeared from the station, and Bashir goes looking for him--on Cardassia)
  • Solutions (7 pages) by DVS (One version of what Bashir does about Garak and Ziyal and Cardassian saunas!)

Issue 9

cover of issue #9

The Ninth Plain and Simple Zine was published in 1996 and contains 130 pages. It has art by Sophie.

  • When I Said You Were Mine by DVS (13 pages)
  • The Fork by Lydia (4 pages)
  • Reflections by Golden Dye (13 pages)
  • Every Picture Tells A Story by Lydia (20 pages)
  • The Spider and The Fly by Mary E. (13 pages)
  • Trouble by DVS (67 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

Oddly, I found almost this entire zine completely unappealing. Some strange stories, but all largely unmemorable. Perfect 'One Star' zine. [4]

Issue 10

front cover of issue #10, TACS, winner of a STIFfie
back cover of issue #10

The Tenth Plain and Simple Zine was published in May 1997 and is 163 pages long.

The front cover is by TACS as is the zine's single illo.

Publisher's note in the zine:

The Tenth Plain and Simple Zine, from Chained to the Typewriter Press, May 1997. The usual copyright notice-this is a not-for-profit venture done for the fun of it (the Ferengi wouldn't understand at all!) not intended to step on the rights of Paramount.

This is the last of the Plain and Simple Zines (unless a miracle occurs and somebody leaves us a fortune -- oh, and if you don't count that novella we still plan on doing) but rest assured, it doesn't mean DVS and the rest are going to stop writing. Look for their stories wherever fine zines are sold. And this fandom could use a couple more zines, folks!

We have some authors new to us again this time, and they've really come through magnificently for us! All stories are slash, involving sexual relationships between men. Don't read it if you are offended by such stories. Not to be available to those under the age of 18.
From the zine, "The Explanation" for "Unclassified Affections" and "Spirals" --

The last two stories In this zine were originally supposed to be in another zine. It was untitled, but the theme was to be adult DS9 stories--and we had the paperpicked out for the cover! Not slash, although slash could be an element. I wanted stories which dealt with adult issues in ways that other zines did not. I had an excellent line-up. Susan, who wrote the first DS9 novella/zine ever, was providing me with a very funny sequel to For There is Much to Dare. Janet Alex had a story idea, and so did Eros, and DVS. It was looking fantastic-and long!

Everything then proceeded to go south in the proverbial handbasket. Janet Alex reported [personal details redacted] and would not be able to write the story. Eros wrote a story, and then the show promptly killed off the character. DVS was having trouble with her story but it was okay, she had another idea and was sure it would make the deadline. Then Janet wrote to say she thought she could do the story she had in mind anyway. DVS was moderately disgusted when her story turned into a garden-variety slash story, but it was okay, she had an idea for yet another one. Fortunately, there was no fixed deadline for this zine, as at that point it had been in the works for 2 years.

But wait, there's more. Susan got frustrated with the entire show of DS9 as the seasons went on and they matched her character, Odo, up with-well, you know who. And she was distracted by the discovery of the Internet and the 300 pages and still counting X-Men series she started. I still had high hopes of bullying the story out of her right up to the point where she [personal details redacted].

Then DVS confessed that she was having trouble with her story—The Nurse Novel is the working title- and it wasn't going to get done for months. We'd been working on aspects of this zine for almost 4 years.

Exactly then, it became clear that factors were conspiring to make the 10th Plain and Simple Zine the last of them. We decided to put everything we had on hand into this last zine (which won't be really the last if DVS ever comes through with the Nurse novel. Cross your fingers....), make it a double issue, and go out with the flags waving.

Thank you all for your support, your patience and your LoCs. We hope you enjoy the zine, and especially the dessert at the end!
  • Exercise by Andrea Evans ("A holosuite story about more than exercise.") (3)
  • Conversations by DVS ("A story told in nine conversations.") (25)
  • House Call by Joanne Francis ("Garak gets sick.") (35)
  • A Perfect Day by Mary Knasinski ("Holosuites and two clever men.") (44)
  • Turnabout by Eros ("How does Bashir pay Garak back for breaking into his holo-program?") (65)
  • Plucked by DVS ("Story on the same theme (as Turnabout?).") (68)
  • Agent of Love DVS ("Bashir and Garak are playing secret agents in the holo suites again.") (76)
  • Darts by DVS ("For everyone who is getting mighty tired of O’Brien’s harping on Bashir’s enhancements—Elim tells him off.") (93)
  • Troubadour by Karen Colohan ("For those getting tired of ‘first time’ stories. ") (104)
  • Too Much Presumed by Terrie H Drummonds ("A post Dr. Bashir story.") (112)
  • In the Night by DVS ("Inspired by Terrie's story!") (130)
  • This Secret by DVS ("Another post-Presume story inspired by Terrie!") (133)
  • The Explanation about the next two stories (142)
  • Unclassified Affections by Janet Alex ("There’s more to the Ferengi than you think.") (143)
  • Spirals by Eros ( ("It's not slash, but I kinda miss poor Bareil") (160)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

Some damned fine stories here by Eros and Terrie Drummond, not to mention *many* by the incomparable DVS. Many post 'Dr. Bashir, I Presume' stories, dealing with Garak's response. I adore *anything* by DVS, especially with lines like:

" poor unfortunate creature fell at once into that sticky pit of disaster that humans call love."

Wonderful zine! And pictures by TACS... ahhh! Life is goooood! <wink> [5]


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