Phoenix, Jean Grey: The First X-woman/Fanfiction

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Name: Phoenix, Jean Grey: The First X-woman
Date(s): 1997-2003
Archivist: Nadav, John H and Lauren
Founder: Nadav
Type: fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: X-Men
URL: archive link
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(Links via and AO3 where available, notes in italics by John H)

Love Stories

These stories revolve around a love theme, and are all wonderful...

Phoenix Stories

These stories are mainly about the Phoenix force... in some stories the Phoenix force returns to Jean, and in others Jean becomes the Phoenix all by herself...

  • The Fire Bird Returns, by Danny. When Apocalypse and Mr Sinister are working together Jean must once again become the Phoenix.
  • The Phoenix Returns (Part 1: The Gathering), by Benjamin A. Snow. Madelyne Pryor becomes the Goblin Queen again, and Jean must become the Phoenix in order to stop her.
  • The Phoenix Returns (Part 2: Inferno), by Benjamin A. Snow.
  • Purified by Fire, by Dorell Garcia. A story in which Jean died on the moon. She was never in a cocoon at the bottom of the sea. She has now come back to life, and tells Scott what she has gone through...
  • Regrets, by Maria Cline. Jean is possessed by the Phoenix entity and only the one who loves her can help her...
  • Risen, by Sequoia S. This epic series started out by asking the questions; "What if the Jean who died on the moon was the one and only Jean? What if she then returned -- as the Phoenix?" Since the first part was posted on the Internet a few years ago, it's been a huge success, and has gained more and more fans with each chapter Sequoia adds. A must read.
  • Stations of the Phoenix (part 1), by Indigo A "What if...?"-story where the bomb Bastion placed in Cyclops' chest had more devastating effects -- and how Jean seemingly becomes the Phoenix in order to prevent disaster...

Action Stories

Even though these stories are so-called "action" stories, they are all very sophisticated, and a joy to read...

In Private

These stories focus on Jean's life as a person rather than as a heroine.

  • After Midnight, by Diamonde. Jean mourns her husband. In private. So what is Gambit doing there? Hmmm.
  • Bleed, by Alicia McKenzie. When Jean stopped Cable from killing Apocalypse, Cable felt betrayed. These feelings of betrayal consume him, so he has to release them -- against the woman who is his mother in all the ways that really matter.
  • Bloom, by RogueStar. Jean has always seemed content with her life as an X-Man, and she is content...isn't she?
  • Copper Coins, by K-Nice. Jean's thoughts after Scott's death -- this will bring tears to your eyes, people!
  • Gauguin Series, by queenB. Betsy helps Jean exorcise her demons after Scott's "death". This leads into a complicated relationship between these two extraordinary beautiful women.
  • Silver Lining, by Maria Cline. A night in the life of Jean Grey some time after the Psi War removed her telepathy -- bring out your handkerchiefs, people.
  • Twilight, part 1, by RogueStar. A different look at Jean's childhood.
  • Twilight, part 2, by RogueStar


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