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Name: Kielle
Alias(es): Kelly Eileen O'Guinn, Kelly Newcomb, Kielle, Lady Scribe, Redpanda
Type: moderator, fanwriter, archivist
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings, X-Men, The Common People
Communities: CFAN, Subreality Cafe, metaquotes among many others
URL: About Kielle (Wayback);

Redpanda@Livejournal; Camelot (Wayback);

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Kelly Newcomb


aka Kielle, the Scribe

Stuff on ACFF: Another Man's Shoes, It Can Happen, Skeleton In The Closet, The Date; 88 Lines About 44 Muties, Le Coquin Malchanceux (The Unlucky Rogue)

Plus lots of other stuff, most of it unfinished and not up on the Net -- hey, gimme a chance, I've just barely discovered fanficdom and most of my good work isn't mainstream enough to post. Feeling pretty intimidated here... :)

Some children should NOT be taught how to read. I was one of those children. I discovered ~BOOKS~ when I was three and I never rejoined society since. My myriad fandoms include the Marvel X-Comics (well duh), Star Trek, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Gargoyles, Blackadder, Magic: The Gathering, anything by Donna Barr or Terry Pratchett or Peter David, and the Wild Cards series. The local comic shop knows me by name and can recognize my voice over the phone.

As Kielle, I dance the wildways between genres and generally stick my nose in where it bloody well doesn't belong. I have lots of ideas but very few of them carry through onto paper, I'm afraid -- most of my writing experience comes from stories spun as gifts for friends or for my own amusement. My real forte is editing and proofreading. Hmmm, lessee...I'm 23, I recently married a very funny guy, I'm an avid roleplayer, I host an ever-shifting roster of small pets, I'm an amateur Renaissance Faire wench, my Mundane family thinks I'm an unseelie changeling, and I'm the official writer/editor for ** ** in Irvine, California. And though I'm basically a VERY shy person, I've gotten in trouble for my brassy online persona. ;) [1]

Kielle was a high-profile X-Men and Lord of the Rings fan, best known in the former for creating the hubsite CFAN which served as a central gathering point for the comics fan-fiction community, creating Subreality and the Common People Warehouse and for creating the CBFFAs. She was also known in the LOTR fandom for founding metaquotes and for writing Nine Men and a Little Lady, a parody of the Tenth Walker variety of Mary Sue fic. She was both a prolific writer and a builder of fannish infrastructure; at the time of her death she was moderating fourteen communities, and assisting in the administration of several more.[2] [3] [4] She was dearly loved in all her communities.

Older fen, who remember her from the Alt.comics.fanfiction days, knew her as the creator and maintainer of CFAN (Comic-Book FanFic Author's Network), the maintainer of the hubsite which housed CFAN, The Common People Warehouse, The Mary Sue Appreciation Society, Subreality Central, Blood in the Gutter and The Comic Book Fan Fic Awards, among others.

She was an active member of X-Men fandom, with a particular interest in villains the Marauders.[5] In the words of her fellow fanficcers:

KIELLE: Honestly anyone who doesn't have Kielle in their list is smoking crack. Kielle's invention of CFAN was *the* primary tool in the creation of a comic book fanfic community once Hawk's archive went defunct and then people stopped posting to acff. As soon as the fandom started to splinter into multiple archives, Kielle came to the rescue. Her CFAN is still the best model for how a fandom can function on a decentralized archive model, and I wish Trek and Farscape would learn from it. (Farscape does have a fanfic archive index, but it is nowhere near the hubsite CFAN is.)
In addition, Kielle created the Scratching Post, which popularized the idea that we should all communicate with each other about our real lives, rant about X-Men, or talk about our comic fanfic ideas, without interfering with the function of the newsgroups/mailing lists that bring us our daily fanfic. Also, she created the TCP and Subreality genres, and helped to popularize the Marauders, still *the* prime choice for fanfic bad guys who are really really bad, despite the existence of many other canonical candidates. Kielle also created the CBFFA's, which, love 'em or hate 'em, have a strong impact on our community. [6]

Kielle was born October 22, 1972 and passed away on September 22nd, 2005, of colon cancer.[7] She leaves behind her an enduring legacy among her fandoms, not the least of which is her ability to turn a group of random internet geeks into close-knit communities whose bonds still exist today.





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