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Name: Comic Fan-Fiction Authors' Network
Date(s): 1996 - 2002
Archivist: Kielle, Sevenall ("Chief CodeMonkey")
Founder: Kielle
Type: Hubsite
Fandom: Comics
URL: (no longer active)
CFAN on Wayback (2002)
CFAN on Wayback (2001)
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Comic Fan-Fiction Authors' Network (CFAN) was a hub of activity for comic-book based fandom. The site was created and maintained by Kielle. CFAN went online in late 1996, and closed May 22, 2002.[1]

It joined the FEF April 20, 2001.

CFAN: The Beginning

Q: How long ago did you get into fan fiction, and how long after that did you start CFAN [Comic Fan Authors Network]?
Kielle: Five years ago, I think, when I was still dating Greg, and CFAN happened not long after. Six months, I think.
Q: Why?
Kielle: Well, at the time, there was only one archive… there was a.c.f-f and Hawk's archive, where everything was archived. That went down. At the time, a couple of authors had a mailing list going, and everyone on the mailing list was panicking because there was no where to store stories. I didn't know HTML then and every one else who did said, "Hey, why don't we start mini archives?" I volunteered, [and] said, "I could learn HTML, I'll learn it real quick and link the pages together." It just kinda went from there.[2]

CFAN's role in fandom

(memories and etc. go here)

CFAN: The End

5/22/02: *sigh* Let's face it. After six+ years and several attempts to revitalize CFAN, my heart has quite simply gone out of it.
Let me stress that I am NOT taking this site offline! It offers an huge array of useful resources, and if you want me to change something, well, I'm not going anywhere. :) Neither am I saying that I'll never update it again, just that I don't know when or how extensively. So I've decided it would be more fair to simply admit it than to leave you (and me!) wondering.
In short: For now, so long and thanks for all the fic. [3]



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