The Fanfiction Glossary

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Name: The Fanfiction Glossary
Owner/Maintainer: Kielle
Dates: 2000 – 2005
Type: Glossary
Fandom: multifandom
URL: now available on the Wayback Machine
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The Fanfiction Glossary was a group of related pages maintained by Kielle on her domain. The four pages were frequently updated lists of fandom, Internet and canon terms and their definitions.

The first version of the glossary appeared on Trisha Lynn's page, (linked from CFAN) however it is short compared to Kielle's later list and was not updated past 2000.

The glossary was a group project with a long list of contributors noted on the main page. Kielle also had a Livejournal community associated with the webpages where she collected submissions. After her death in 2005, the community changed hands with Devildoll taking charge and it became a sister-comm to the Newbieguide[1]; however, the comm has not seen much action since.

The Fanfic/Dom Terms page defines everything from / to zine. It extensively covers Western media fandom terms, general and fandom-specific, and there is some anime and manga content as well.

The Expletives/Exclamations page is a compilation of fandom-specific canon fictional profanity and expressions.


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