The Fanfiction Glossary

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Name: The Fanfiction Glossary
Owner/Maintainer: Kielle
Dates: ? – 2005
Type: Glossary
Fandom: multifandom
URL: now available on the Wayback Machine
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The Fanfiction Glossary was a group of related pages maintained by Kielle on her domain. The four pages were frequently updated lists of fandom, Internet and canon terms and their definitions.

The glossary was a group project with a long list of contributors noted on the main page. Kielle also had a Livejournal community associated with the webpages where she collected submissions. After her death in 2005, the community changed hands and became a sister-comm to the Newbieguide[1]; however, the comm has not seen much action since.

The Fanfic/Dom Terms page defines everything from / to zine. It extensively covers Western media fandom terms, general and fandom-specific, and there is some anime and manga content as well.

The Expletives/Exclamations page is a compilation of fandom-specific canon fictional profanity and expressions.


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