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Name: Freedom of Expression in Fanfiction
Owner/Maintainer: Eiluned
Dates: founded 4 April 2001
Fandom: multifandom
URL: (Wayback link)
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Freedom of Expression in Fanfiction was the FEF members site. It had an associated mailing list and webring (see FEF Webring).

What is FEF?


FEF provides fanfic fans with a means to show their support for other authors/archivists/etc. by displaying a button on their website.

What FEF stands for:

FEF and its supporters recognize the right of all fanfic authors to write what they want. Flames and nastiness because of genre, pairing, fandom, etc. are detrimental to the fanfic community and do nothing but discourage authors. (Please note that I do not consider constructive criticism a flame. Constructive criticism is essential to good fanfiction. There was a bit of confusion earlier about this, and it was my fault.) FEF wants to encourage fanfic fans to promote a friendly environment.

Why I started FEF:

It is my personal belief that writers should be able to write whatever they want, be it het, slash, chanslash, Mary Sues, whatever. If I don't want to read it, I'll just skip over it. I also believe that archivists have the right to archive whatever they choose. No archivist should be slammed for not taking smut, or slash, or anything else. I've seen the atmosphere in several fandoms sour because of intolerance of someone else's kinks, and I was disappointed. One person's kink will always be someone else's squick, and that's okay. Everyone has their own opinions. I also think that everyone has the right to express their opinions, but IMO, there are better ways to do it than with flames.

As a personal example, I read and write in the X-Men fandom. I like most pairings, but I do not care for Logan/Rogue romances. That's my squick, and I'm okay with that. I usually just delete any story with that pairing. I don't read it and flame the author for writing L/R fic, and I expect to be able to write Logan/Jean fanfic and be given the same courtesy. This is the attitude I want to promote with FEF: tolerance.

I know that FEF won't stop flamers from blasting anyone because of pairing, etc.; nothing can do that. I just want to provide fans that share my opinions with an opportunity to show their support for fellow fans.

FEF Members

Name Website Date Joined
Eiluned PhoenixFyre & subsites 4.4.01
Diebin Diebin.Com 4.5.01
Mariah Eternity 4.8.01
Pixie Now and Forever 4.8.01
Gypzy Forbidden Luv 4.8.01
Emmy n/a 4.8.01
Calcasieu Calcasieu's Creations 4.8.01
Xanthe Xanthe's Fiction 4.8.01
Lu Bradley Logan & Remy 4.8.01
Narranasa n/a 4.8.01
OCONN OCONN'S Tales From The Jungle 4.8.01
Rushlight The Bard's Den 4.8.01
Boots Padders Messy Room 4.8.01
Dru ~oRgAnIzeD InSaNiTy~ 4.8.01
Lapis Lazuli Rough Stones 4.8.01
Andrew Troy Keller n/a 4.8.01
Elaine Walker The Slash Zone 4.8.01
LB Anderson LB's Place 4.8.01
Elaina Remick The Writers Project 4.8.01
Michelle Hansen Blasphemous Rumours 4.8.01
D'Nalia Terry Smith D'Nalia's Twisted Little World 4.8.01
Kayla The Realm of Archived Fiction 4.8.01
Elizabeth Durack qui-gonline 4.8.01
Cori Lannam Cori Lannam's Fan Fiction 4.8.01
Bast Kix's Humble Abode 4.8.01
victoria p. Unfit For Society & subsites 4.8.01
Julie *NSYNC Fans Over 21 4.8.01
Melanie BSB Tapestries 4.8.01
Gwen Barnes Planet Lance 4.8.01
Tiff A Case of You 4.8.01
phyre phyre's place 4.8.01
Sand Barber Crossing The Nebula 4.8.01
BlackRose Digital Midnight 4.8.01
Calysta Rose Across The Pond - UK & US QAF Archive 4.8.01
Alicia Sisterhood of the Damned 4.8.01
Dana Kane Acid Rain 4.9.01
Shirlz Mindless Insanity 4.9.01
Ellen How can we bring back Doyle? let us count the ways... 4.9.01
Zoe The Angel Elders 4.9.01
Ilse Angel's Charmed Slayer 4.9.01
Christine The Buffy & Angel Resource Center 4.9.01
Kara & Emily Roswell Underground 4.9.01
Sorcieré n/a 4.9.01
Serena Michaels n/a 4.9.01
Lee Tabor X-Men Slash 4.9.01
Margaret Brown Wildphiyre's Phoenix Page 4.9.01
Ducks Ducks' Fanfic 4.9.01
alice ttlg Down In The Basement, X-Files slash archive 4.9.01
Karen Barrett SgFic & LoganMarie 4.9.01
JazzyJediLA Sabé's Stories Homepage 4.9.01
Kes Serleef Twisting the Written Word 4.9.01
Tammy n/a 4.9.01
Eliz-Mar Von Peacewind Sanctuary 4.9.01
Heather Cook 4.9.01
April Richards April's Crazy Page (or something like that) 4.9.01
Jamie The Realm 4.9.01
Bertina Miller n/a 4.9.01
S'Quirrel The PPoS 4.9.01
Bronwyn (Moonmip) Moonmip's Domain 4.9.01
Caitlin Makintosh The Darkness Within 4.9.01
Nelle A Little Piece of Insanity 4.9.01
Jengrrrl Disquieting Muses 4.9.01
Mari The Black Hole 4.9.01
Jamie The Nightowl 4.9.01
Liz Deconstructing Wesley 4.9.01
Mad Archivist The Data Annex Fan Fiction Archive 4.11.01
Kimberley Mirror of Darkness 4.11.01
Jules The Faithful (Pitch Black Fanfic) 4.11.01
Elise Azureblue 4.11.01
Triskell Triskell's Fanfiction Archive 4.11.01
Nadja Lee X-Men hero: Cyclops & Love In The Wind - A Scott/Ororo Page 4.11.01
Nina Darguzis Warm Champagne 4.11.01
Nicole Walker Nickle's Fanfic 4.11.01
Keisa Creep 4.11.01
Elizabeth Wilde Catch Your Breath 4.11.01
Erin Slaygirl's Creations 4.11.01
Djeserkare Djeserkare's Vault of Fiction 4.11.01
Rina Stewart Chasing Rainbows 4.11.01
Mark Safranasky Mirror of Darkness 4.11.01
Jen FINNatics 4.13.01
Stacey n/a 4.13.01
Kakia Brain Freeze 4.13.01
Maluda Choi Index/Biko no Seishi 4.13.01
Bernice IIBNF 4.13.01
Amy Fortuna Meant To Be Together 4.13.01
kat kkcatnip 4.13.01
littlvera n/a 4.13.01
Angel Negra Slash It Up! 4.13.01
Ally Love Conquers All 4.13.01
Lisa Martin n/a 4.17.01
PJ Parker (under construction) 4.17.01
MRK n/a 4.17.01
Lizz The Glitter Jungle 4.17.01
J Calanthe n/a 4.17.01
jenn Jenn's Indulgence 4.17.01
Kyoko Kyoko's Office 4.17.01
Patches n/a 4.17.01
Deb Spirit of Chaos 4.17.01
Kielle CFAN 4.20.01
Pamela Thalner a year in the life 4.20.01
Rivka The Danger Room 4.20.01
Overlordwon Overlordwon's X-Men Site 4.20.01
Firebird Firebird's WebSite 4.20.01
Kritter n/a 4.20.01
Maureen Avante Garde 4.20.01
Stephanie Ashera's Archive 4.20.01
Dischordia 4.20.01
Michela Ecks Writers University 4.20.01
Ped Ped's Fanfic Site 4.21.01
girlyskin Imajica 4.21.01
Sascha DWYC 4.21.01
Deb Smouse The Other Side 4.21.01
Forestnight Nebula Nexus 5.7.01
Mikee PM Mikee PM's UberSelect 5.7.01
Mina Lightstar Destiny's Truth 5.7.01
BB aka kirasmommy KB's fanfic 5.7.01
Sare Liz Necessary To Life 5.7.01
Jodi & Prophesy Forbidden Fruit 5.7.01
Triest Morgan darkseeds 5.7.01
Missy Beyond Boundaries 5.7.01
Paxnirvana Paxnirvana's Circle of Hell 5.7.01
Harmony Louise Nonentity Soldiers 5.7.01
Abby & Maxie Roswell Supreme 5.7.01
Fossicker Jones Blu Island 5.7.01
Totally Rockin' Totally Rockin' Anime 5.7.01
Arabella O'Rielly Three Dollar Bill 5.7.01
Carrie Gascoigne A Star Trekker's Almost Paradise 5.7.01
Kari Jo Starry, Starry Night/People Like Us 5.7.01
Mariana Fan Fiction Online 5.14.01
Silver Silver's Domain 5.14.01
Tiffany Tiffany's GH Fanfictions 5.14.01
Erika n/a 5.27.01
space alien Ascending Andromeda 5.27.01
Lauren Too Precious For Hell 5.27.01
Amy Margaret Without You 5.27.01
soo soo's Den of Obsessions 5.27.01
Asuka quiet madness 5.27.01
Xio Cause we know how to pass the time... Michael & Maria Fanfiction 5.27.01
Patti Corbitt For Spike's Sake 5.27.01
Geordi JuPiter Station 5.27.01
Das Tier D.T.'s Fabulation 5.27.01
Maria Porcelain 5.27.01
Kessica Kessica's Page 6.6.01
Junior Hoover Archives 6.6.01
Laure Alexander Meandering Muse 6.6.01
Jennifer Whildin Jennifer's Fan Fiction 6.6.01
Holli Restless Hearts 6.6.01
Ghostwriter Ghostwriter's Haunt 6.6.01
Annie Love Lorne 6.6.01
Katarina "Katta" Hjärpe Adventure Stories and Fun 6.25.01
John Orville N/A 6.25.01
Lise on~the~road 6.25.01
Tasha N/A 6.25.01
Liz Barr Reflections 6.25.01
Amber Earnest I Am Jack's Online Community Journal 6.25.01
Vivian Arney Tia's Pals Press 6.25.01
Jennifer Kroll N/A 6.25.01
Becky Blue Heaven 6.25.01
Bianca enshrined 6.25.01
Morgan )O( Morgan's Libraries & 6.25.01
Colorain Sunlitsoprano 6.25.01
Jade Munro The Big Box Forums 7.9.01
Red Ogress Alternate Base 14 7.9.01
Wyzeguy Wyze World 2000 7.9.01
Pippa Daniels Gateway to the Imagination 7.9.01
Keleka Keleka's World 7.9.01
Natalie inertia 8.12.01
Draxar Buffy & Xander, Joy & Sorrow 8.12.01
Stace The Repository 8.12.01
pilar Guilty Pleasures 8.12.01
Jenavira Point of Reality 8.12.01
DanaWheels Service Dogs and More! 8.12.01
Jacki Slate Boys of Babylon 8.12.01
Angelise Angelise's Heavenly Bodies 8.12.01
Céline n/a 8.12.01
Jennifer The Naughty Pixie 8.12.01
Nina Daydream Believers 8.12.01
Jennifer MidnightBlue.Org 10.6.01
Cherna Camp of the Horsemen 10.6.01
KB Nico KB's *NSYNC Fan Fiction 10.6.01
Lucy Thirst 10.6.01
Alannah Alannah's Den 10.6.01
Karrieann n/a 10.6.01
CandyStix The Hanson Sweet Shoppe 10.6.01
Tessa fur & brimstone 10.6.01
Ianthe Far From Home 10.6.01
Lily Crumpled Paper Palace 10.6.01
Janette Tragically Beautiful 10.6.01
Ananke If The River Can Bend 10.6.01
A-chan Atsui: A 1x2x1 Fanfiction Archive 10.6.01
Kevy Clean 10.6.01
Shinimegami Shinimegami's Heaven 10.6.01
kira-nerys Lady Kardasi's Domain 10.6.01