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Name: JuPiter Station
Date(s): 22 April 1998 - 2007
Archivist: Geordi
Type: Fan Fiction
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
URL: http://www.jupiter-station.com/ (defunct)
JuPiter Station (version 2001 via Wayback)
JuPiter Station logo
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The JuPiter Station was a large multi-author fanfiction archive in Star Trek: Voyager fandom and the only one devoted exclusively to Janeway/Paris. It became operational on April 22, 1998 and was definitely active between 1999 to 2006 but it has since gone defunct.

The site joined FEF May 27, 2001.

Milestones: The 50,000th visitor came aboard on August 3, 1999, the 100,000th visitor on July 8, 2000, the 250,000th on May 4, 2002 and the 300,000th visitor arrived on February 18, 2003.

JuPiter Station main page with welcome speech

As you can guess from the title image above, this site is dedicated to the Kathryn Janeway and Thomas Paris relationship! No, this site has not been a campaign effort to get the two together in canon, but is a place for Trek fans who enjoy J/P in fanfic stories, whether the stories show the pair as a romantic couple, close friends (platonic), or mentor/protege colleagues.

Since 1998, the Station has been the J/P fanfic archive on the Internet. Many veteran and new authors has contributed their stories, and many readers enjoyed the stories, whether the stories are just new or the veteran ones in the archive. So, if you like to contribute your J/P stories to the J/P Fanfic Archive, you're more than welcome to come aboard! I want to make this site a place to find all J/P fanfic stories on the web for those seeking J/P under one friendly roof. Or I should say orbiting station. <g> Also, stories involving J/P with a third person or more (example: J/C/P) are also welcome as long as the story involve J/P.

Besides fanfic stories, the Station has one of the largest picture galleries on the Net! The Picture Gallery has more than thousands of pics of Janeway, Paris, J/P, Kate Mulgrew, Robbie McNeill, Voyager Seasonal Cast photos, and others! The easy-to-use gallery directory makes it easy to find a particular photo one is looking for. <g>

The Station also has large selection of WAV sounds at the Audio Records section!

The Narrative Challenges section is ideal for authors to get ideas to create stories. Visitors are welcome to contribute ideas to help spark more story inspirations with fanfic authors. All one has to have is an imagination. <grin>

If you want to contribute (whether it's a story, several pictures, sounds, challenges, etc.), one can use the easy submission forms at the Submission Center. All stories, pics, and sounds contributed will be given appropriate credit as well as your name will be added to the station's Crew Manifest.

While you're here, you can check out the Station's Message Board to join in topics of conversation. <wink>

Also there are several JuPiter Station's Email Lists one can join! The main list is used to talk about Voyager, Trek in general, Station's announcments, and other things. The two other lists are J/P fanfic lists, where one can post a story, get feedback, and discuss many other things about fanfic.

The JuPiter Station's Survey Center is open for anyone to vote one's opinion on questions asked. One can even contribute a question for future surveys.

And before you leave, you might like to check out the many links to find more fanfiction (of all types), pics, sounds, Trek news & rumors, fan clubs, etc., at the Trek Text Links and Trek Graphic Links (banners) sections! If you have a website and would like a link for it, just use the easy form and send it in. In return, JuPiter Station appreciates a link on your website for the Station. <g>

George "Geordi" Padovan, JuPiter Station's Moderator