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Name: Roswell Underground
Date(s): December 7, 1999 - 2008
Archivist: Kara and Emily
Founder: Kara and Emily
Type: Fan Fiction Archive
Fandom: Roswell
URL: (Via Wayback)
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Roswell Underground was an archive of Roswell fan fiction. It was created on December 7, 1999 and maintained by Kara and Emily. The site is a member of FEF.

Roswell Underground was one of the bigger fic archives dedicated to Roswell, and was dedicated to fic without smut, although ratings up to Teen were allowed. The majority of the fics were based on canon ships, although as the archive got bigger, unconventional ships - both slash and het - were allowed on a case by case basis. Fics had to be submitted and evaluated by Kara or Emily before they were posted, which lead to some complaints by RU fans. Roswell Underground was last updated in 2005, but was online until 2008[1], when the domain name expired. Kara no longer had the files on her computer, and made the decision not to try to resurrect the site.


  • What is Roswell?
  • Random Roswell Ramblings (an alternate-messageboard)
  • Just Landed (New fics)
  • Area 51 (Section I) - Featuring authors A-F.
  • Area 51 (Section II) - Featuring authors G-J.
  • Area 51 (Section III) - Featuring authors K-M.
  • Area 51 (Section IV) - Featuring authors N-Z.
  • Mr. Raddish's Desk - recs
  • Roswell Elementary
  • Submission Guidelines
  • Roswell Underground FAQ
  • The Radish Diaries - stories of meeting the cast
  • The Roswell Underground Art Gallery (fanart)
  • The FBI Files (learn about the site owners)
  • Acknowledgements
  • Making the Connection (links to other sites)
  • The Trophy Room (awards, webrings, affiliates)


  1. ^ Wayback's last site archive was in October 2008