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Name: Heather F.
Alias(es): Ducks, theantijoss
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, RPF, Star Trek: AOS, Pirates of the Caribbean, Supernatural
URL: LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, Dreamwidth,
Ducks' Fanfic (author page)
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Ducks is a big name fan for Buffy/Angel works.

"I started writing toward the end of BtVS Season 3 -- post-B/A breakup, because that was when I officially became obsessed with them. Plus, my addiction to all things Angel was complete about that time. I wrote a ton of truly atrocious crap that I didn't even keep, but the earliest pieces of truly atrocious crap I DID keep, and admit (somewhat sheepishly) to writing are I Remember Maireach, Angel Goes to the Shrink, and It's Always Bad News.

[I started to write] because I was fascinated by Angel, and disappointed by Joss' treatment of B/A. ;) How? Angel made me I swear, it was like a mild form of schizophrenia. I was hearing him talk in my head All. The. Time. I figured writing fic was cheaper than medication.
[The story I am most proud of is] Bringing Him Back. Three first person POV's, two often opposing genres, really heavy emotions, and graphic three-way sex/bloodplay. I think I pulled them all off fairly well, and I'm deeply proud of the feedback I received from a lot of different sections of the fandom, most of whom seemed to enjoy it. Second would be the Something Old series, simply because people seem to love it so much...

Other authors/stories I admire? Oh my. There are so many wonderful authors and stories out there. I hate doing this because I inevitably forget SOMEONE, and feel bad about it. But I'll try. There is, of course, the immortal Harpy -- she was the very first fic writer I ever read, and had a lot to do with me starting my own B/A writing. Kita, I would have to say, is my all time favorite fic writer. She writes dark like nobody's business, and hers is the only Angel (besides mine *G*) that I agree with almost 100% of the time. She is my slash crack dealer, and the author of no less than four of my top ten favorite fics. She is responsible for my love of slash, and my overuse of the word Gah. *G* Vatrixsta Cruden, my evil soulmate… she doesn’t write much in the Whedonverse anymore, but her stuff is awesome. Bittersweet Legacy is a Don’t Miss. Margot LeFaye, of course. Not only an AMAZING writer, but also an all around awesome lady. I still love and miss all the old schoolers…Saber Shadowkitten, Lex, and so many of the others on TNS. Luckily, there are some amazing newer folks like indie and tango, and dozens of others over at the Babble Board Fanfic Board."[1]

Comments on Ducks

"She's one of the most beloved B/A writers out there, taking a well deserved spot beside Harpy as a B/A writer you must read.[1]"

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