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Pairing: Buffy Summers/Angel
Alternative name(s): B/A, Bangel
Gender category: het
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Popular
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Buffy/Angel is the het pairing between vampire slayer Buffy Summers and vampire-with-a-soul Angel in the Buffyverse.


Angel and Buffy got together in season 1, but did not consummate their relationship until S2, resulting in Angel's Moment of True Happiness, which lost him his soul and returned him to his evil alter ego, Angelus. Angelus stalks Buffy and her friends, kills Jenny Calendar and tortures Buffy's Watcher, Giles. Much angst ensued when Willow resouled him just in time for Buffy to have to send him to Hell. Angel returns in S3, and when poisoned by the Mayor, bites and nearly drains Buffy, before deciding to leave for LA.

On Angel, Buffy and a human-Angel get together briefly in a canon AU that only Angel remembers; Angel learns that she will probably die earlier if they stay together, and persuades the Powers That Be to send him back to prevent his becoming human. The two meet again later but fall out over Angel's championing of rogue slayer, Faith. Angel exhibits jealousy of Buffy's subsequent relationships. Although Buffy gives Angel hope that they might have a future together eventually (the Cookie Dough comment), Angel becomes divided from the former Sunnydale denizens after taking up the position of CEO of evil law firm Wolfram & Hart.


Buffy/Angel was the most popular het pairing in the early fandom. It maintained a strong following even after Angel left for his own show. The Angel S1 episode 'I Will Remember You' sparked a lot of AUs where Buffy and Angel remained together, and the shanshu prophecy gave writers a future human-Angel to pair with Buffy. Ship wars ensued when Buffy/Spike (Spuffy) rapidly grew in popularity among BtVS fans and Angel/Cordelia slowly gained ground among Angel fans. Despite the Spuffy juggernaut, some fans continue to consider Buffy/Angel the eventual endgame.

Fanfiction encompasses cheerful Curse, What Curse? fluff, angst-laden melodrama, and darkfic that explores Angelus, vampire-Buffy or the darker possibilities of shanshu. Many stories are futurefics, either set after 'Not Fade Away' or in a distant future. AUs diverging after 'The Gift' are relatively common.

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