If I Only Could

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For the Civil War Avengers vid see If I only could.

Title: If I Only Could (Running Up That Hill)
Creator: avenuepotter (Kristin Harris)
Date: April 2005
Format: digital
Music: If I Only Could by Kate Bush
Fandom: Buffy/Angel
Footage: Buffy/Angel
URL: vid announcement; vid is here

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If I Only Could (Running Up That Hill) is a Buffy/Angel vid by avenuepotter. It was the vidder's first Buffyverse vid.

Summary: Rings, swords, and destiny. Are Buffy & Angel meant to love or destroy each other?


posion pagan writes:

"Hang on, I need a tissue. Okay, this one makes me wish I had watched the series. So wonderful! The editing was wonderful, the song was all there and I was not bored for one second. It tells an entire story that just tears your heart out. I've seen other vids of this pairing, and I can safely say, this is the best. The intro in the beginning was the right length, perfect set up. There are two editing points that pulled me out of the vid, one was a few jump cuts during a close up kiss (near the end) not the best - and ealier when Angel pushes Buffy away then pulls her back, a little off - but the rest of the vid is so well done, these two points are not really a problem. I keep forgetting about them as the vid goes on - go - watch - now."[1]