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For the BtVS vid see If I Only Could.

Title: If I only could
Creator: TheMadMoro
Date: 13 October 2011
Format: digital vid
Length: 1:40 min
Music: Running Up That Hill by Placebo
Genre: angst
Fandom: Marvel Comics, Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers (Marvel)
Footage: Marvel Comics: Civil War
URL: If I only could (YouTube)
If I only could.png

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If I only could is a Steve/Tony angst vid by TheMadMoro. The used footage are scans from the Civil War Marvel comics and the vid was made using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 for editing the comics scans.

Summary: Tony Stark's reaction to death of Captain America.

jes-aq made a gif set out of screencaps from the vid.[1]


If only I could make a deal with God, and get him to swap our places. Screencap of a gif set made out of screencaps from the vid.
that is the most stunningly beautiful piece of Tony/Steve angst I've ever seen. Gorgeous work in animating the comic scans, amazing. (bellatronics, YouTube)
Holy crap, this is AMAZING. Absolutely gorgeous. (MonotonousRainbow, YouTube)
I've looked for this video all day! It's one of the best fanvideo I've ever seen, the animation of the comics is just gorgeous. (BeeAndTheKettle, YouTube)
Okay, I'm just going to go crawl up into a little ball and sob. Don't mind me. Just being overwhelmed by all the feels. This is almost as traumatizing as when I actually read the comics...and that's saying something, because I went into a bit of a catatonic state after the Civil War. (CarlisleEsmeluv, YouTube)
I seriously started crying in the first 20 seconds. kudos to you, for making such a beautiful video. I really dont cry easy and this just brought out all my feels (hyperTayT123, YouTube)
I love the animation of the bullet firing! Amazing job! (bunniesrcooldealwith, YouTube)
This is actually my favorite steve/tony video ever. You're use of motion comics is god-like (hedgehog4808, YouTube)


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