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Synonyms: Post-Shanshu
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The Shanshu Prophecy appears in the TV series Angel. The prophecy describes a vampire with a soul who will play a pivotal role in an upcoming apocalypse, and be rewarded with a mortal life.

Following Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7, much fannish discussion focused on which souled vampire would eventually become human, Angel or Spike. And which vampire was more worthy of this reward.

In Fanfiction

The Shanshu Prophecy often appears in BtVS and Angel AU fics. Many of these works are post-Shanshu fics, set after one of the two vampires have been rewarded with a mortal life.

  • The former vampire adapting to the realities of mortal life, including physical weakness and slower healing. Their human frailty sometimes leaves them open to attack from former enemies.
  • Some Shanshu fics are fluffier, happy endings for a vampire/human pairing that had seemed doomed. Most commonly these pairings were either Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Spike.
  • Many Shanshu works are set post-NFA, but this trope was employed in fics written before the series finale.

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