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Wolfram & Hart is an evil interdimensional law firm in Angel; it also appears in the Buffyverse comics.


Run by the Senior Partners, powerful demons that are also known as The Wolf, the Ram and the Hart, W&H represents the forces of evil in the first four seasons of the show. The LA office is destroyed by the Beast in S4, killing all its employees, who later return as zombies owing to a standard perpetuity clause in W&H contracts. At the end of that season, Angel takes over as CEO of the LA office, and Wesley, Fred, Gunn & Lorne become heads of departments.



Liaisons to the Senior Partners



  • The White Room
  • The Home Office


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Wolfram & Hart is a popular concept among Angel fans. Lawyers from the firm, especially Lindsey & Lilah, are popular characters in fanfiction & fan art. Crossovers envisage the firm in other universes; for example, in Hell Money by FayJay, an early Angel/Smallville crossover, Lionel Luthor uses W&H as his lawyers.

Angel and the AI team taking over the LA office was controversial among fans. Some liked the shake-up,[1] others felt the heart of the show had been lost.

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  1. For example, Espresso Addict writes Turning the premise of the early seasons on its head is certainly a way to liven up the show as it enters its fifth season (especially as killing off the lead ain't an exactly option when he's already not only dead but also brought back from Hell). ... W&H's spiffy tech neatly replac[es] the visions as a means of cutting dull plot development. [1][2]