The Last Temptation of Angel Investigations and Their Reasoning for Making a Deal with the Devil

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Title: The Last Temptation of Angel Investigations and Their Reasoning for Making a Deal with the Devil
Creator: D.M. Evans
Date(s): 2003?
Medium: online
Fandom: Buffy & Angel
External Links: Temptation, Archived version
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The Last Temptation of Angel Investigations and Their Reasoning for Making a Deal with the Devil is an essay by D.M. Evans.

It is one of many essays at Octaves, a Buffy and Angel website.

"The author calls this a biased look at the implications of "Home" and thoughts on what season five might hold. Warning: There are spoilers here, just so you know."


I've been giving some hard thought to "Home", what it says about our 'champions' and its implications for next year. This essay makes no attempts at being objective. These are my personal feelings on the matter. I'm going to leave aside most of what happened to Connor in "Home" and what his absence means to Angel since that could be a rant and half on its own. For this essay let me just say, I am so tired with the deus ex machina solutions to all of M.E.'s problems. If they needed Connor to be gone, they could have come up with a hundred better ways that didn't leave them with so many gaping plot holes and things that made us question the intelligence of our heros.

For this treatise, I was more interested in exploring the temptations offered by Wolfram and Hart individually and to examine what I think might be the roles of our heroes come this fall. In other words, what does working for Wolfram and Hart mean for A.I and do they even have a reason at all for honoring a contract that legally isn't binding? For those of you who want to remain spoiler-free stop reading now. There will be spoilers in this as I already know more than I wanted to and am uneasy for what the future holds for this show.

The biggest question is, how are the A.I. members going to feel about Angel signing them over to Wolfram and Hart? Yes, they all seemed like they were going to sign on under their own volition, except for perhaps Fred, but who wants to bet when things go bad, they're going to put the blame on Angel for making his 'executive decision.' I'm sure this will be back to bite him in the butt and I wouldn't be surprised if it drove off all of Angel's friends, especially because he can't say what prompted him to make his decision. Is someone going to wonder what kind of contract Angel signed for them and how is it possible they believed an evil law firm dedicated to ruling a post-apocalyptic world managed to change so completely so fast?

Angel, at least, has two good reasons to stay with Wolfram and Hart: Connor and Cordelia. Angel's temptation is the easiest to understand and the most noble of the reasons to accept the offer. He has to make sure that Wolfram and Hart's solution to Connor's blossoming psychosis remains untampered with. Obviously, he's forgotten his son was prophesied about and unless Wolfram and Hart has made Connor human, Angel has just unleashed a potentially deadly teenager on the world. Does he think that a happy Connor won't get into a college brawl some night partying? Imagine what would happen then. Hopefully, he'll begin to see all the ways that this can blow up in his face.