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Mailing List
Name: BA_Fluff
Date(s): Nov 25, 1999 - unknown
Moderated: Yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Serena and Rose
Founder(s): Serena and Rose
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Scope: buffy/Angel
URL: archive link
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BA_Fluff: A haven for the distraught B/A 'shippers was a Buffy/Angel focused Yahoo Group. It was founded and run by Serena and Rose, and had an associated archive Land of Denial.

BA_Fluff was one of the largest mailing lists in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom, with over 1400 members.[1][2]


List Description:

For all you Buffy/Angel fans out there who know it's far from over.

This list is for B/A centered-fic of all ratings, venting about the shows, and general denial about our beloved couple.

We concentrate on helping all the poor B/A 'shippers out there (call us chicken soup for the B/A soul if you wish), most of the fic sent through the list is fluff. If you love Buffy/Angel happiness, this list is definitely for you![3]

From the Who are we? page of the Land of Denial website:

Quite simply, we are the B/A 'shippers. We believe that Buffy and Angel are meant to be, and will be together again someday. They have something special, something sacred, and the love they share is the kind that lasts forever. They're like a modern day Romeo and Juliet -- let's just hope they don't end up killing themselves over one another. It would be kind of romantic...but creepy. And sad.

Joss Whedon has tried to come between them. He put them on different shows. He introduced new love interests. One was turned into a friend, the other sent away after he let some vamp-whores suck his blood for a few episodes. Joss tried -- and failed -- to replace what Buffy and Angel had with something else. But these two are the kind of thing you don't just replace.

[...] That's why the BA_Fluff mailing list was created. We knew the B/A 'shippers would need a place where they could stick together and help each other through the tough times of watching episodes like "She" and "Where The Wild Things Are". It's tough watching the characters you love with other people, and we wanted to make it a bit easier.

The list is a place to rant and rave about the latest episodes, to send and read fanfiction dedicated to our favorite couple and the happiness they deserve, and meet other B/A 'shippers who feel the same way you do. If you want the fic but don't want all the extra mail, just click on over to the archive and check it out.

We love Buffy and Angel. We want them to be together. We do realize that this time apart will help them...but we need something to help US get through it. And that's what the list is for. If you like what you see and want to join, just fill in the little box at the bottom of the page. You'll be glad you did. [4]

List Rules

The rules for the BA_Fluff mailing list...subject to change WITHOUT notice...


One-liners are THE most annoying thing in the world. They aren't necessary, no one wants to open an e-mail and see something that says "Me too!" or "I so agree!". They're pointless and take up space that could be otherwise filled with fic. Don't send them. You do, you'll get a private warning. You do it again, you'll get another one. A third time and you're warned onlist. After that, you could get put on moderated posting. Also, your sig DOES NOT count. You need at least 3 sentences.

2. OT (Off-Topic) POSTS

The definition of an OT? A post that has nothing to do with Buffy and Angel. This includes asking about episode names, where you can find a particular fanfic, or anything else that doesn't directly involve Buffy and Angel. Any other type of OT post is NOT allowed. We've had a lot of problems in the past because of this. The things we DON'T want to see are any type of spam or anything that doesn't in some way pertain the Buffy and Angel and both shows. Also, OT discussions aren't allowed. That is not the purpose of this list, and any discussions that take place will be ended at Rose's and my discretion.

You may, however, write an archive fic when asking about something that is off-topic. An archive fic is a short little fic that gets the basic point of your question across, and then at the bottom you can include whatever additional information you want to add. If you have any questions as to how you go about doing this, e-mail Serena at


Not everyone loves spoilers. We have to respect this. Therefore, there should be at least *10* blank lines. SPOILER SPACES HAVE TO BE IN PLACE UNTIL 24 HOURS AFTER THE EPISODE AIRS, EASTERN TIME. That means that you have to keep a space up until 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. Pacific Time Wednesday. This rule WILL be enforced, some people don't want to know. In case you don't know, a spoiler space looks like this...













Buffy and Angel are getting married after he turns human and they live happily ever after. *G*


This is annoying, we know, but please at least TRY to combine your posts. We understand that if you're responding to different e-mails it's hard to, but if you're just sending like short paragraphs try to put them all together in one e-mail. That way we don't get too flooded.


We LOVE fanfic. We live for it. It's welcome, it's loved, PLEASE send it!!! Just put a disclaimer in it. The usual stuff is something like












Something to that effect. NC-17 fic are be allowed, as long as they is CLEARLY marked. If the story is NC-17, please put a warning in the subject line so everyone can clearly see it. Any kind of fic is allowed, as long as Buffy and Angel are in it. They don't have to be together, but we SO don't want to see any Buffy/Spike, Angel/Kate, Buffy/Riley, Angel/Willow or whatever fics. Of course, if it's part of the story and Buffy and Angel eventually get together in it, that's okay... Oh, and if it's angsty, please say so right away. We don't want to damage anyone...*G*

Also, please include your e-mail address in all that info for the people who read the stories at the eScribe archive or at eGroups. That way they'll be able to send you feedback.


After having the listmembers take a poll and talking about it at length, Rose and I have decided that all feedback should be sent OFFLIST. It clogs people's mailboxes and is annoying to sift through. This rule WILL be enforced because we don't want to have to deal with it. We love reading what people have to say, but it's just too much. You'll get warned offlist, and then on, and then you'll be put on No Mail. End of story.


These WILL NOT be tolerated. We hate spam and all that annoying stuff. If you want to send an advertisement or an invitation to join a list, please it run it by us first (see below). If you're not sure if something constitutes as the kind of stuff we don't want, send it to us so we can tell you. No chain letters, no warnings, no virus alerts. They have no place on a list about Buffy and Angel and will NOT be tolerated.


If you have a new list and you'd like to let other people know about it, that's great. PLEASE let us know offlist before you do it, though. We'll most likely say yes (unless it's, like, a list for Buffy and Riley), we just want to know about it. Also, if you're going to send a list invite please make it an archive fic.


C'mon, we're all adults here. Or close enough that we know how to behave. Read: NO FLAMING. Flames are mean and unnecessary and nobody likes them. You flame, you're gone. Simple as that.


Yes, this is a rule. This list is for fun, to vent and talk about our favorite vampire and Slayer. Talk all you want, vent all you want. We'll need it when stuff starts getting bad. Oh, and swearing IS allowed. I couldn't care less about it.

These rules WILL be enforced. They are basically the groundwork for the list. We hate them as much as you but we also hate chaos. Enjoy the list![5]


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