A Soliloquy for Buffy and Angel

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Title: A Soliloquy for Buffy and Angel
Creator: Trammie
Date(s): early 2000s?
Medium: online
Fandom: Buffy & Angel
External Links: A Soliloquy for Buffy and Angel, Archived version
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A Soliloquy for Buffy and Angel is a satirical essay by Trammie.

It is one of many essays at Octaves, a Buffy and Angel website.

"The Buffy and Angel story has captured the hearts and imaginations of viewers around the world. This essay touches on why we're so enchanted by their story."


I've been thinking about Buffy and Angel, from the beginning of BTVS until now, in both shows. I've thought about the characters, the story lines, the dialogue and about the actors, the writers, the networks.

And it made me think again about the phrase, "Trust the tale, not the teller."

Joss created a love story which, regardless of what some may want to believe, including said creator and his minions, formed the foundation of not only BTVS, but AtS as well. Yes, it was supposed to be all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but how far would that storyline alone have gone without the depth and uniqueness of the eternal love that was portrayed between Buffy and Angel? It was the connection and the attraction between the two that fired the imaginations of fanfic writers and others who created multitudes of websites dedicated to not just Buffy or just Angel, but Buffy and Angel…as one entity. Two halves of a whole.

I've been told on other boards, no, it's not Buffy and Angel, it's all about Buffy or just about Angel (on AtS). I have to disagree because of all the obstacles and sacrifices she had to face, especially as the Slayer, none were more compelling and explosive than the plots that were woven around Buffy and Angel/Angelus. Try imagining the passion and pathos of the first three seasons of BTVS without Angel in them…and what do you get? I'll tell you…the last three seasons of BTVS and the last season and a half of AtS. With regurgitated plot lines and falling ratings on both shows.