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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Octaves
Author: Chrislee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
URL: http://www.octavesoftheheart.com/octaves/
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Octaves is an author page for chrislee, and is hosted at their personal domain: "Octaves of the Heart." This site hosted Chrislee's own fanfiction, as well as essays by various fans with various opinions. The site also had a section called Good Words, where Chrislee recced authors and later stories she enjoyed. When Chrislee moved onto story recs in place of author recs, she created a new page on the site for her author recs, entitled Great Authors.



See Octaves of the Heart Interview Series.

The Essays

All the essays below are fan-written, with the exception of some press commentaries, which are noted.

  • The Ten Commandments by B. Cavis (Spot on (and often too funny) look at the ten commandments of fanfic.)
  • Newbie Thoughts by Carmen Sandiego and Snowdrifted (Wonderfully irreverent look at our beloved shows by two new viewers.)
  • Not Fade Away by The Royal Anna (An eloquent and heart-breaking look at the end of an era.)
  • Christian Allegory in BtVS/Ats by thedeadlyhook (The Jossverse is symbol-rich and this essay examines the Christian symbols in the shows. Intelligent and immensely readable.)
  • My Angel by Ebonbird (A poetic look at Angel's characteristics.)
  • Wanted: Resolute Heroes by DLGood (I stole this little gem from Dlgood's LJ...it's a wonderful look at the the reasons why, for Dlgood at least, Buffy's hero's journey seems unfinished. It's an excellent piece.)
  • What Do Buffy and Angel Mean? Really by Margot Le Faye (Originally posted at the Babble Board, Margot answers the question, what do Buffy and Angel mean, to each other...and to us.)
  • All About Angel by Kita (A beautiful look at Angel. Pure poetry.)
  • Our Slayer Won't Go Gently Into the Dark Night & Buffy Saved The World. (Both of these essays come to me via my friend Starlet who took them from her ISPs Entertainment section.) (These are not fan-written, but press commentary instead.)
  • What the Bad Angel Really Did in Buffy's Room by Chris Geary-Durrill (A humourous look at what Angelus was up to in Buffy's room.)
  • Buffy and Angel: All Paths Lead Home by Margot Le Faye (Margot is the champion of hope for the battered B/Aer's heart. This "essay" was a response to a post on the BA Fluff list, but reading it just gave me a huge shit-eating' grin. If you're worried that the path won't lead our beloved characters back to each other, read this!)
  • Character Assassination by Queen of Cups (The Queen of Cups takes a look at some of the most common blunders made when writing characters.)
  • God Personally Offended by Liss (WARNING: This satirical look at the reactions of both God and Satan to a "potential" romance between Angel and Cordy is NOT Cordelia friendly. But it's kinda funny!)
  • A Soliloquy for Buffy and Angel by Trammie (The Buffy and Angel story has captured the hearts and imaginations of viewers around the world. This essay touches on why we're so enchanted by their story.)