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Name: Minim Calibre
Alias(es): Minim
Type: author, archivist
Fandoms: Buffyverse, Dark Angel, DCU, Supernatural & others
URL: Recalibration; AO3; BFA; dreamwidth; livejournal
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Minim Calibre is a fan author and archivist who writes gen, het, slash and femslash across various fandoms. She is perhaps best known for her Buffyverse fiction, where she has been praised for her characterisations, particularly of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Shrift, for example, writes Minim Calibre lives inside Wesley's head, she truly does.[1] Glossolalia describes her work as like winter sunlight, bright and cold and revelatory.[2]

Minim Calibre is the archivist of The Buttery, a site for Spike and Fred Burkle fanfiction and essays, and coined the term 'Spred' for the Spike/Fred pairing.


Minim Calibre entered online fandom in Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series in the early 2000s. She started writing DCU a few years later and Supernatural in around 2006. Recalibration, her personal website, includes all her fiction up to 2005. As of 2012, she lists her writing fandoms as Supernatural and Dark Angel.[3]


In Their Own Words

On writing in the Buffyverse, from an interview at All About Spike:

I like to play endless games of what-if in my head. I love the click when it all comes together. I love the rush when a string of words comes out of your fingertips, and you're not sure where they came from, but you love the way they flow.
I write about almost all the characters, so there's no one thing that draws me to write Spike, or Angel, or Wesley. I find Spike interesting for the same reasons I find the rest of them interesting: he's a mass of contradictions and messy emotions that provide good raw material for writing. ...
The bulk of my writing in the Jossverse has probably been Buffy and Wesley--combined or separate--because I understand their headspaces, so it's easy to slid into them.[4]

From an interview with Chrislee (see interview here):

I've always seen the slashy subtext, I've always thought up stories outside of canon for the characters, but I never thought I'd actually write them down and share them with others.
I started writing because I felt guilty about reading, and I started reading because I felt guilty about not reading. ...
Once I actually started writing, I was workshopping with people like Fay, s.a., and Herself, and there was this mad spirit of creativity in the air, and perhaps fairy dust or glitter or something. It's all kind of a blur, you see. ...
I write best when I'm either loopy from exhaustion, on a deadline, or if I've been dared. Slash, het, gen, Joyce/Snyder/Holland Manners, you name it, I'll probably write it.[2]

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