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Recommendation Website
Name: Polyamorous Recommendations
Reccer(s): shrift and Nestra
Dates: 2001-present
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: http://bifictionalbedlam.net/recs

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Polyamorous Recommendations (usually shortened to Polyamorous Recs or PolyRecs) was started by shrift and Nestra in April 2001. As of 2020, the site lists almost 4,500 recs in hundreds of fandoms. The name of the site is a reference to its broad scope (the creators are "polyamorous" or multifannish in their love for many different fandoms), not to its subject matter:

What you'll find here: The following in flavors of slash, het, and gen: spies of all kinds, from SD6 to Section 1; vampires, slayers, watchers, scoobies, evil lawyers, and ministers of grace; buddy cops out the ying-yang; space cowboys, big damn heroes, and Jedi Knights; rockers both punk and glam; wizards, witches, death eaters, elves, hobbits, and dwarves (oh my); immortals who cannot die (but at least they come); big gay alien superheroes and the criminal masterminds who love them; sports entertainment professionals; FBI agents and the rats who fuck them (over); and mutants, mutants, everywhere.
What you won't find here: You may have been misled by the site name, but this isn't a recs site only for stories featuring polyamory.[1]

Over the years, updates have grown less frequent, but larger. Originally, the site was updated on average of once a month, with around 30-40 stories in each update. Currently, the site is updated every six months or so, with 200 stories or more in each update. The site was transitioned to WordPress in 2013, changing the site layout and adding some additional functionality.

In March 2020, the site moved to a new domain and announced a set of AO3 bookmarks for all recommended stories hosted on the archive.


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