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Pairing: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/Charles Gunn
Alternative name(s): Wes/Gunn, Gunn/Wesley, W/G
Gender category: m/m slash
Fandom: Angel
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
Archives: The Gunn/Wesley Fanfiction Archive
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Wesley/Gunn, the relationship between ex-Watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and street-gang leader Charles Gunn, is one of the most popular m/m slash pairings in the Angel fandom. The pairing is most commonly referred to as "Wes/Gunn"; there's no smooshed form in use. It's unusual in being a popular pairing involving a character who isn't white.


Hey, you two want to stop the homo-erotic buddy cop session long enough to explain this?

—Cordelia, "Spin the Bottle"

On the face of it the two appear opposites, but soon after Gunn's introduction as a regular in season 2, he & Wesley form an unlikely but uncomplicated buddy relationship. Over the following season, the relationship deteriorates till it completely falls apart – Gunn returns to his roots & betrays Wesley's trust in "That Old Gang of Mine"; they compete over Fred; Wesley goes dark, betrays everyone, goes into exile and sleeps with the enemy. It takes an apocalypse & a reality-altering spell to reconcile the pair, and season 5's lawyer-Gunn is never as intimate with Wesley.

Fannish Perspective

I can go on, citing places in season 3, 4, and 5 where I what brings them together is their shared love for each other things and where what tears them apart is a betrayal of trust, but really? I'm in it for the banter and the huge smiles and the ability to just work together and the chemistry that pops off the screen.
They're not a pairing of giant sweeping drama. They're not Meant To Be in the big destined love way with sweeping violins and a repeating love theme. They're two guys who, despite the cultural and personality differences that should hold them apart, manage to make a connection and to just be *happy* in that connection. (Sheila)[1]


Wes/Gunn was probably the secondmost popular m/m pairing on the show, after Angel/Wesley (at least before the introduction of Spike in season 5 imported the popular BtVS pairing Angel/Spike to AtS). It's the most popular pairing for Gunn and the only m/m one with much of a following.

The first Wes/Gunn story was posted by Te in October 2000, soon after the Gunn's introduction to the regulars, and her enthusiasm quickly popularised the pairing.[2] Other authors particularly associated with Wes/Gunn include Gunbunny, James Walkswithwind, Jane St Clair, Sheila Perez and Shrift.

The typical story is fairly short, set in season 2, uses Wesley's point of view, and is similar to S2 of the show in tone, with plenty of banter, demon-fighting & war-gaming. A fair amount of PWP has been written. There are also darker stories, sometimes set in seasons 3 or 4, including apocafic. Some works are set in the Birthdayverse, a canon AU in which Cordy is a star and Gunn & Wesley run a detective agency together. Common tropes include Magic Made Them Do It & hurt/comfort, especially set after Wesley gets shot in "The Thin Dead Line". Wesley tends to be prone to blushing. Gunn staking a claim on Wesley aimed at Angel's vampire senses is another trope; his marking his territory in "Life of the Party" often makes it into the relatively few stories set during season 5.

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