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Name: It's Been Emotional
Dates: 2002-2005
Type: slash
Fandom: Angel the Series
URL: (2002-2005) (2005)

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It's Been Emotional was a Gunn/Wesley shipper site. It featured information about the characters, resources, media, recs, essays and links to fanfic and other resources.


Why Them? - what inspires the slash vibe.
Writing the Beast - writing tips, peeves, guide to terms, you name it.
Flashpoints - major points in the relationship - bonding, stumbling blocks, dealing.
Dealing - the problems at the moment, updated 08/05/03.
Gunn and Relationships - general essay on Gunn's major relationships, girls and boys.
Making a Deal with the Devil - why Gunn agreed to the law-brain.
Father Issues - Wes and his issues with Daddy dearest. Right up to the point where he shot him.
Wes and the End of S5 - Wes at the end of Season 5. Let's examine that boy and his instability.
Wes and Types - The people that had the most impact on Wes after the Council and his father, and what they represent.
AUs - play in a different universe.

Fic Recs


This is a journal devoted to drabbles, with two characters from different fandoms picked each week for you to write about. Go back to the week starting 1st June (06) '03. The challenge then was Wes and Morpheus from The Matrix. A few have Gunn becoming Morpheus, or feature Gunn in some context. Even without him, they're damn good Wes snippets.

Taste of Bitter by Abi Z.

One tentacle hooks a shot glass from behind the bar and another a napkin from below, and Gunn is set. "So what brings you to a demon bar in Whittier, Wes? Plenty of them closer in if you just want to drink scotch and look at the tentacles."

Sandcastles and Rainstorms by Amberina.

Gunn would have replied that he wasn't going to, but he was worried that might offend the incredibly creepy little girl-man. Nothing creeped him out worse than evil kids. The Ring scarred him for life. Let's just say that he thanked his lucky stars everyday that he got a massive cat in the White Room instead of that girl they'd met up there the year before.

Pepperidge Farm State of Mind by Glossolalia.

Gunn hisses in a breath when the needle hits his skin. "Kid's all right."
"Right up your alley, too. Skinny, pretty, lost. Exactly your type."
Blood spirals through the tube, always faster than you'd think, and Gunn swings his head to stare at Lilah, sure he didn't hear that right. "Excuse me?"

Ryo Hazuki Has the Secret to Life by Glossolalia.

"It's got that killer section on succubi."
"It does. Feeding your tendency to want to diagnose the source of every vision Cordelia receives as a succubus."
"They're hot," Gunn says. "Anyway. What the hell's a PS2 doing in *your* place?"

Kungai by Helen Raven

Another Birthday-verse fic, only this one also examines Angel's gradual breakdown due to the visions, and the day-today business and living with it. Fabulous.

Days of Darkness, Streets Like Wine by James Walkswithwind

"I'm *lying* here," Wesley snapped, "Because it's the only decent place to sleep. West 4th is crawling with demons and Hyperion Park is full. Do you have any other stupid questions?"

Restaurant Dogs by Jane St Clair (scroll down to it, series)

...Magic and strangeness and sex and... don't mind me. Insane and compelling. Plus a pretty, pretty cover by Sheila.
He knows that there are more songs written about driving this highway than he could listen to consecutively without being driven to commit serious property damage, but he doubts any of them were written about driving it at night. Not in the open air, with low beams and Wesley Wyndham-Pryce jammed between the singer's thighs. So there's at least that much of a split between the Twilight Zone of classic rock radio and both of them on Wesley's motorcycle.
He's thinking that Wes must have out-butched him at some point, because Wes is, in spite of Gunn's bitter protests, driving.

A Possible Fairytale by Jennifer Oksana

Wes and Gunn meet up post Wes' divorce.
"At least the power love ballad ain't making its first appearance," Gunn replied. "Sung by whatever-the-fuck pop singer's got the love right now. Or Sting. And it could be worse. Your plucky-yet-lonely daughter could have run into me after wandering off or some damn thing and innocently reunited us after all these years."

Trust, Layer By Layer by Just Human

Post- the end of S3, just warning you.
"You know, this is what I like so much about you. You are the most loyal and devoted person on the face of the earth, and I don't deserve you as my friend. I promise you that I won't try and save the world without you and when I'm going to do something stupid and life threatening, I'll ask you to join me. Gunn, Charles, I...I...I think your a complete wanker."

Deconstructing Demons by Kath.

Wes and Gunn bantering while trying to figure out how to dismember Skip after Wes killed him.
"So, I was thinkin'." Gunn went back to looking at Skip. "What if we got some tiny sticks of dynamite, stuck them in this hole and blew him up from the inside?"
Wesley came around so that he was now facing Gunn. "Why yes, what a marvelous idea. Flying shrapnel aside, an explosion in the basement of a building that has already sustained a great deal of structural damage due to earthquakes should be just the thing. Any suspicious demon remains would surely be buried under the rubble, when the hotel came crashing down on our heads."
Even if Wesley hadn't been smiling, Gunn could recognize sarcasm when it bit him on the ass. "You couldn'ta just said 'That's a bad idea, Gunn.'?"

Birthday-verse by Katta Hjarpe.

Start with 'The Reality of Absence' and go from there. You'll have to scroll down to it.
Okay, this is a continuing series set in the Birthday-verse, where Cordy got her tv show and the rest of the world was somewhat changed, with Gunn and Wes setting up their own agency on their own. This explores it from Wes coming to LA and losing his arm, and the gradual friendship and relationship, with twining in and out of events of first season. Very nicely done.

Green Grass and Rainwater by Kindkit.

A ficlet of Gunn musing on Wes' showergel. Yes, I said showergel. Shoo.

What it Feels Like by Kindkit.

Wesley has seen the bullet they dug out of him (it lodged near his spine, and the doctors couldn't stop saying what a near miss he had). It's small. He'd never have imagined that such a little thing could rearrange him so completely.

Acceptable Losses by Minim Calibre

Wesley and Gunn and where it all went wrong.
They returned to their usual pattern, although the movie was replaced with beer and a Playstation. Drinking and killing things, even when the things were just pixels on a screen, was altogether less confusingly date-like and allowed them, or rather, allowed Gunn, to continue the friends-with-benefits front. Besides, Wesley was pretty certain he'd be able to write off the games and the Guinness as business expenses.

Watching Our Decay by Minim Calibre

The man doesn't even look the same. None of that yielding need that made Gunn want to keep him safe. Nah, this man looks like the sort mommas warn you about. This ain't the hint of backbone Wes showed in Pylea, either. Gunn's seen vamps that looked less threatening than the skinny old white boy does right now.

Body of Evidence by RealMitzvah

"Because it's not fair. Fun for me. No fun for you. That's not cool."
"No, it is fun for me. It's very cool."
"Bullshit. This isn't the Gunn-takes-advantage-of-Wes hour," Gunn said.

Here There Be Dragons by RealMitzvah

See the snark. Revel in the snark.
"What are we tellin' the police if they find us nosin' around near where the bodies were found?" Gunn asked quietly as they poked through the trees and bushes.
"Wanted a chance to really connect on our first date," Wes said dryly.
"Oh, yeah. They're going to buy that," Gunn snorted. "I could pull much better than you." Wesley stopped and pointed his flashlight in Gunn's face.
"You most certainly could not," he said.

Methods of Persuasion by SA

"Bullshit," Gunn interrupts. "You see me leaving? And when I do, I'll be dragging your bitching ass back to work with me. I'm not leaving without you, English, and you're gonna have to deal."

Glamour Boys by Sarah T

"Cordelia! Not the camera!"
"It's for your own good. You have to get used to it if you're going to be going out with Virginia Bryce. You need to learn how to handle the paparazzi."
"The paparazzi can manage without any help from me."

The Kindness of an Atheist by Sheila

Angel will get it. Gunn doesn't so much believe in subtlety and this is the easiest message of all to send. Don't touch. Mine.

Something Like by Sheila

"And I'm just saying that my ass is not a purple flower."
Ah-ss. Long a. Dig it. Gunn sure as hell does. "Isn't there a poem about that?"
The look Wesley gives him is priceless. "A poem about one's ass resembling a purple flower? Dear God, I hope not."

Amends the Next Time by Sheila and Te

"You're cursing over a splinter? Satan's crackly-skinned minion knocked you silly and you're cursing over a splinter?"
"It's under my *fingernail*."
"There's a rain of fire *right outside* and you're cursing over a *splinter*?"
"I'm going to start throwing things at you momentarily."

Mr and Mrs. Bickerson by Shrift

"I'd advise you never to taunt an armed woman, Charles."

Comfortable by Shrift

"No man comes between me and your Playstation, English."
"Is that so?" Wesley said.
Gunn tilted his head and intruded upon Wesley's personal space. "It's *so* so."

This Way plus sequel That Way by Te

Leans back now, obviously more relaxed now that there are words. "Hey, I just want to know. Have a little male bonding."
"Over tea and unrequited gay love?"
"New millenium, brother. Gotta bond over *something*."

Slick Like Water by Te

He never, ever sings that Eddie Murphy song parody "Kill the White People" to cheer himself up unless he really, *really* needs it.

Love by Te

And Gunn is enough to remind him that Angel is, in many ways, most useful when far away from the heart of things, from the *mind* of them.
Angel's plans often leave quite a lot to be desired.
Angel's spiritual weakness the stuff of nightmares.