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Pairing: Angel/Wesley
Alternative name(s): Angsley
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Angel the Series
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Popular
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Angel/Wesley is the slash pairing of Angel and Wesley Wyndam-Price from Angel the Series.


Both of these characters had previously appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but this pairing didn't become common until the inclusion of Wesley in season 1 of Angel. For a long time, Wesley/Angel was the dominant slash pairing in this fandom.

Angel/Wesley is such a dark ship for me. Wesley/Lilah is so fluffy by comparison. I wouldn’t ever want these two characters to get together. However, their dysfunctional chemistry is so obvious and so compelling. The gay subtext….sometimes rapidly becomes text. ;-) If it’s not Cordelia’s friends assuming that Wesley and Angel are a couple, it’s Angel riding bitch with a pink helmet on Angel’s motorcycle, or it’s Angelus basically singing arias on Wesley’s attractiveness in his cage or arranging his hostage negotiations with Faith so he can pull Wesley real close against him. For taciturn, shadow guys, subtlety really isn’t a thing with those guys![1]

Example Fanworks


  • The New Order, a series by Viridian5, Doyle has come back from the dead. Now what? (Angel/Doyle/Wesley) (2000)
  • Epiphany by The Brat Queen, An Angel/Wesley series that diverges from the canon after "Epiphany". For those who dislike reading things before they're done, the series has been split into its major arcs. Each one of the arcs can be read in its entirety and be considered "finished". (2001-3)
  • Unwanted Gifts by wesleysgirl, When Cordelia passes the visions to someone else on the AI team, a complicated series of events follows. (2003 or earlier[2])
  • The Disclosure Series (archived link) by Katriena Knights, Wesley finds sketches of Spike among Angel's things, leading to discussion of both men's pasts, and intimacy on several levels. Inspired by the "one amongst many" challenge from Your Mission. Between S1 and S2, (2003 - ?)
  • Black Swan by Nemo the Everbeing, Angel is caught in the backlash of a spell gone wrong and emerges in a terrifying future. With the help of that universe's Wesley, he must find a way back through time to change history. (2005, originally posted on and


  • Epiphany, the first arc of The Brat Queen's fic, was published in anthology format in this zine
  • Body and Soul

Archives & Links


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