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Title: Epiphany
Publisher: Green Dragon Press (US)
Date(s): 2001 to 2003 (zine published around 2005)
Medium: print
Fandom: Angel
Language: English
External Links: http://www.wtftbq.com/fanfic/angel/epiphany/, WayBack Archive link to zine flyer
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The fic series Epiphany is a five-arc Wesley/Angel slash and het anthology by The Brat Queen, published online from 04 March 2001 to 16 September 2003. It has 55 parts total and is available to read online.[1]

The zine Epiphany is a 269-page anthology adaptation of the first arc with zine art, design and layout by Neige that was published around 2005.[2]


The first part of Epiphany, "Everybody Fell," won first place in the long stories category of the first Wesfic Contest in April 2001.[3]

Zine Format

cover by Neige

The stories in Epiphany: Arc One are written in prose format and occupy the first 202 pages; the Strange Bedfellows stories are in script format and concern the Spike/Buffy pairing.

From the Author

A word from the author: Herein lies the first arc of the Epiphany series, a collection of stories that was supposed to be a one-off and ended up taking over my fanfic life. Had I known when I wrote "Everybody Fell" that I would go on to write over fifty stories spanning dozens of concepts for our boys - well I would have probably given the series a better overall title, that's for certain. ;) The series gets its name from the episode that inspired it. The subtext between Angel and Wesley in that ep was so strong that during the commercials I was calling up my friends and screaming into their voicemails "Why won't they just FUCK already?"I had to fix it, and herein lies the result....Arc One also touches on the fanfic series Strange Bedfellows, which was written by my friends Meredith and Keren (Buffybot), and covers what was going on with Spike and Buffy during all that time. There's a couple of crossovers that take place, and you can find all the Strange Bedfellows stories that are needed to explain them in the back of the zine.[4]

From the Print Zine

Fan Comments

Wesley/Angel. Diverges from canon after the end of the episode "Epiphany" in season 2. This series contains several story arcs.

Why you should read this: The Brat Queen is one of the best Angel writers out there - her Angel and Wesley voices are *so* good that you'll swear you're reading scripts from the show. (Granted, they would be NC-17 rated, slashy scripts, but still...) Her plots are intriguing - the second story arc blew me away - and her sense of humor is well-developed. Now, obviously, you should go and read the entire series, especially since you won't consider it time wasted. But if you have limited time and want to read just a few of the most valuable gems, I'd recommend Everybody Fell (the story that started the series) for its sheer brilliance, Easter Interlude for its humor and marshmallow peeps and hot sex, and (I know, if you have limited time this doesn't help you) the entirety of Arc Two: Moving In, which starts with The Next Step and continues in Transition, Overlooked, Changes, Starting Over, The Smallest Detail, Just Friends, Alienation, At A Loss, Unknown, Present, Imperfect, Recovery, and finally concludes with Anniversary. And I really am terribly sorry to have to rec the whole arc like this, but I can't in good conscience rec any single story from Arc Two by itself. You need to read the whole arc. Just trust me. I think you'll be glad you did. [5]