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You may be looking for Green Dragon Press (UK).

Zine Publisher
Name: Green Dragon Press (US)
Contact: Devin A. Harris
Fandoms: Valdemar, children's cartoons,anime multimedia
Status: ?
URL: WayBack Archive link to a 2001 Valedmar-focused publisher's page
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Green Dragon Press was a fanzine publisher.

The press operated from 1991 through 2006.

The original focus of the press were Kingdom of Valdemar/Mercedes Lackey zines.

From the publisher's page:

Green Dragon Press is the creation of two sisters, with a fair amount of input from our dogs, cats, guinea pigs, assorted rabbits, and in one sister's case, children. Our fannish interests are wide and often bizarre, or at least obscure.

Green Dragon Press exists because, frankly, we're fans of a lot of shows that don't have much of a fan base (this is what happens when your favorite shows are on Fox Kids, I suppose). Well, marginal support be hanged; we're STILL going to try to do fanzines for Power Rangers, Pokémon, and Digimon, even if we have to write them ourselves! (Please, please, don't make us write them ourselves!) And, for good measure, we're going to do a multimedia zine, an animation zine, and a couple of adult zines, too! (No, we aren't crazy, honest. In a previous life, one of us juggled three issues of a zine, two novellas, and a full time job simultaneously...and without help.)

Lots of Big Plans!

The press issued MANY submission statements; one can search for the proposed zines that didn't make it off the ground here, and here.

Published Zines