Anytime, Anywhere

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Title: Anytime, Anywhere
Publisher: Green Dragon Press (US)
Editor(s): Devin
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Anytime, Anywhere is a gen 98-page multifandom anthology.

The publishers of this zine also proposed an explicit adult zine in 2002, but that zine never got off the ground. [1]


  • This Time by Dean Warner (The Real Ghostbusters) Five years after a disastrous bust that left one of their number dead and destroyed the team, the surviving Ghostbusters have a chance to set things right. 2003 FanQ nominee. (24 pages)
  • Sins of the Father by Amy Rummerfield (Dungeons and Dragons, cartoon) Venger succeeds in capturing one of the Young Ones, and uses his captive's inner torment to turn him against the others. (15 pages)
  • Dawn by Devin Harris (Pokémon)
  • Lazarus by Anna McLain (Andromeda) The Andromeda and her crew get tangled up in planetary politics and prophecy. (38 pages)
  • The Fight by Trinity Day (Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World) An argument between Marguerite and Roxton is compounded by a secret Marguerite is hiding. (10 pages)
  • Wet Grave by Kim Hamilton (The Real Ghostbusters) Something has broken a water line...and people are disappearing... (10 pages)

Reactions and Reviews

This is a multi-media zine with stories from several shows.

Zine: Anytime, Anywhere, a multi-media zine, by Green Dragon Press. This zine has one Andromeda novella in it.

Description: 98 pgs, comb-bound, with an off-white cardstock cover covered with black and white pictures of each universe inside including a picture of the Andromeda.

The print seems to be either 9 or 10 pt. It's readable and looks nice, though, if your eyes are as bad as mine, you may need to hold it close to your face. Margins appear to be half an inch on the inside and outside, 1 1/2 on top and 1 inch on the bottom. Titles for each story use a nice, fancy font.

There are 6 stories in this zine; 1 Andromeda,2 Real Ghostbusters, 1 Pokemon, 1 Dungeons & Dragons cartoon and, 1 The Lost World.

I'm only going to review the zine itself and tell a little about the Drom story. Since I wrote it, my review would be biased.

Lazarus (Andromeda), 37 pgs, by Anna McLain, is a hearty stew of Trance's past, her secret agenda and her manipulation of the crew. It has alien politics, religion, and glimpses of other groups who are trying to change the universe for their own ends. There's an original character, non-romantic, which my betas seemed to really like. Harper finally gets some, though he still doesn't get a break. There's dancing and innuendo for Beka, Rommie, Tyr and Dylan- though not in that order. There are new aliens, a baby, new powers for a purple Trance, Rev, Trance's tail, and a prophecy which comes to pass.

Altogether, I was very pleased with the layout and design of this zine. The print's a little small for my tired eyes, but that means you get more story per page and, thus, more for your money. I didn't notice any typos or grammar errors.

The stories were all edited and beta read. I like that the page numbers are large and, the editor gave each story a fancy font for the title and cool, seldom-used characters to set off each scene division. No asterisks or simple blank lines to separate them! It seemed well-thought out and a zine that the editor cared about.

$11.50 first class US; please e-mail for pricing outside the United States

Sound interesting? Here's the URL to find out more info. :

I'll review the others as I find the time.

Did anyone happen to pick up this zine? Love to hear your comments! [2]
Inside, nearly every story has an accompanying b & w photo at the end. This zine is set up very nicely. The margins are small, the type readable, though a tad small. Each story title has its own, interesting font. While I'm not familiar enough with all of the fandoms represented to fully enjoy all of the stories, I did think they were well written. 'This Time' by Dean Warner, a Real Ghostbusters novella captures you with the first sentence. A vivid story, it has enough back story in it that it didn't matter that I only saw the movie, not the show. Well done. 'Dawn' by Devin Harris, is an emotional Pokemon short story. It was written well, though, I admit to being confused about the characters. But, hey, I've only seen the commercials for Pokemon. Still, the language was fluid and poignant. 'Sins of the Father' by Amy Rummerfield, a Dungeons & Dragons cartoon story, is an excellent action fantasy that's interesting, even if you have no clue about D&D. The descriptions are bright, and the characters jump off the page. 'The Fight' by Trinity Day is a The Lost World story that packs quite a punch about the nature of ethics in a relationship as well as touching on the controversy over the value of a life. Well done. 'Wet Grave' by Kim Hamilton is another Real Ghostbusters story. It's a tense, funny and surprising story that's nice and well rounded. And last, but not least: 'Lazarus' by Anna McLain, is an Andromeda novella that reads like an episode. The longest story in the zine, it's a symphony of myth, prophecy, action and humor with a subtle harmony of faith and the destiny of the Commonwealth and its new Empire. It reveals tantalizing glimpses into Trance's past and powers while exploring the nuances in the entire crews' feelings for each other. Engrossing and captivating story. Is this zine worth the $17 I paid for it? You betcha. Would I recommend it? Yes, I sure would. [3]


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