Cat's Cradle (Mercedes Lackey story)

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Title: Cat's Cradle
Publisher: Green Dragon Press (US) & Golden Eagle Press
Author(s): Heather Arnold
Cover Artist(s): Marian Crane
Illustrator(s): Marian Crane
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: SERRAted Edge, Mercedes Lackey series about racecar-driving elves
Language: English
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cover by Marian Crane

Cat's Cradle is a gen 76-page novel by Heather Arnold, art by Marian Crane.

Flyer: A human family gets caught in the crossfire of Elven intrigues, with only one survivor. Now that survivor is being hunted and can trust no one to help."

"SERRATED Edge" books The SERRAted Edge books "all deal with an aspect of child abuse. The subject became a concern of Misty's after she read "When Rabbit Howls," the story of a child who developed over 90 separate personalities in an attempt to cope. There will be 800 hotline numbers in each SERRA book so that children threatened int he real world can do something to help themselves. Along that line, do not write to Misty or me if you need help. We're too far away, and neither of us is a trained counsellor. Ask for professional help; you have the right to be treated fairly." [1]


  1. Queen's Own, February 1992