Do or Dye

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You may be looking for The Do or Die Affair, a Man from UNCLE zine.

Title: Do or Dye
Publisher: Green Dragon Press (US) & Golden Eagle Press & Triforce Productions
Editor(s): Lynn Tucker
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Fandom: Kingdom of Valdemar
Language: English
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cover by Angela K. Scott

Do or Dye is a 20-page gen Valdemar zine with the subtitle: "A Guide to Companion Camouflage." It is digest-sized and written by Elizabeth Barrette and ?. The art is by Angela K. Scott.

From an ad in The Monthly:

DO OR DYE: A Guide to Companion Camouflage. Take a look at virtually every type of camouflage imaginable as well as a few things you'd rather not imagine. Plus, this digest-sized booklet is the perfect size to fit in a saddlebag or boot top! A must for any Herald on a dangerous field assignment, or anyone who needs a good laugh.