Endgame (Kingdom of Valdemar zine)

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Title: Endgame
Publisher: Green Dragon Press (US) & Golden Eagle Press & Triforce Productions
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1995, reprinted 2001
Medium: print
Fandom: Kingdom of Valdemar
Language: English
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cover by Kiri Namtvedt

Endgame is 38-page gen novel by Heather Arnold. "A novella based on Mercedes Lackey's Kingdom of Valdemar" is the cover subtitle. Art by Kiri Namtvedt

Summary from the publisher: "Herald Deri awakens in a House of Healing, wounded, disoriented, unable to contact her Companion...and with no memory of the mission which brought her there. Alone among strangers, she doesn't know what to believe, and the more she tries to recover, the less anything makes sense."[1]