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Name: Valdemar Series
Abbreviation(s): N/A
Creator: Mercedes Lackey
Date(s): 1987 - present
Medium: Books
Country of Origin: United States
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Valdemar or The Heralds of Valdemar is a series of books by Mercedes Lackey primarily focused on the kingdom of Valdemar, whose government relies on the Heralds, those Chosen by Companions, the magical horse-like beings with whom they forge psychic bonds.

The universe is also known as Velgarth (Valdemar is one country within the world of Velgarth), as many books take place outside of Valdemar proper.

Author's Attitude Towards Fandom

In the early 1990s, Lackey allowed fanfic within certain constraints. Amateur author Sylphslider remembers:

I and 17 other people used to write Valdemar fanfic (Mercedes Lackey) through her official fan club back in the early 1990s. Part of the rules involved sending the fanfic to Lackey in addition to each other, and we had to produce something every two months, etc. etc. We kept it up for two years and then Lackey's lawyers convinced her to have us stop doing it. She was afraid she might accidentally use one of our characters or plotlines and then someone would sue her.[1]

In light of the difficulties experienced by Marion Zimmer Bradley regarding fan fiction in 1993, these concerns were well founded.

After that, Lackey strongly discouraged fanfic, so there is not much of it around, but there is a strong fandom with a history of RPGs (which she reckoned didn't count as fanfic) and fanart.

In 2010, Lackey amended her stance:

But YES, you may write and post away, folks, so long as you license it as derivative and under Creative Commons. If it is anything other than PG-13, please take all the proper precautions to stick it somewhere that innocent souls won't be corrupted. Do not scare the children or the horses. Have fun![2]

Tropes in Fanworks

  • Fix-It fics
  • "Dark Companion" AUs in which the Companions are working on a more sinister agenda for the good of the realm.

Occasionally, the series serves as the setting for fusion AUs for other fandoms.

Selected Fanworks





  • Companion's Quarterly
  • Herald's Companion
  • Queen's Own - the official newsletter for Queen's Own, Lackey's club, often published announcements about "personas" created by individual fans. These personas were granted "Herald" status after each fan had completed a certain number of stories, drawings, or other creative endeavors.
  • The Valdemaran Herald (electronic newsletter)

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