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Name: Valdemar Talker
Date(s): September 1997-?
Moderator: yet
Fandom: Valdemar, Mercedes Lackey
URL: (older site) Valdemar Talker
(newer site) Valdemar Talker
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Valdemar Talker is a Mercedes Lackey, Valdemar community.

Come on in and take a look;
Take comfort in the finding.
Cares no longer haunt you now;
Each one has loosed its binding.
Friends you'll gain if you just take,
A chance to rest your soul.
Imagination guides your steps,
Shows Valdemar your goal.

According to Wikipedia:

A talker is a chat system that people use to talk to each other over the Internet. Dating back to the 1980s, they were a predecessor of instant messaging. A talker is a communication system precursor to MMORPGs and other virtual worlds such as Second Life. Talkers are a form of online virtual worlds in which multiple users are connected at the same time to chat in real-time. People log in to the talkers remotely (usually via telnet), and have a basic text interface with which to communicate with each other.[1]


Our Staff, unknown date, unknown fluidity.


Welcome to Valdemar, a Fantasy Fiction talker for everyone! In these pages you'll find information about the talker, its staff, and something of the people who go there - the people who make Valdemar what it is.

Valdemar's History...

Valdemar came to life on the evening of Monday 15th September, 1997. We use PG+ code, which we feel is the most powerful and interesting code base in the talker community at this time. We started on a server run by, but as they grew in popularity the server became slower and slower. As a result, the Valdemar administrators built a server of their own. Finding it impossible to get the server sited at a sensible price, we donated the server to in order that it may benefit the whole EW-Too talker community.

What can people do on Valdemar?

People do many different things. Most people come to talk with friends using something a lot quicker than the slow and clumsy web-chat services which have proliferated recently. Talkers are much quicker than web-chat, and offer far more facilities for you to express yourself. You can think, sing, emote, or use rooms for private conversations. Every resident has a list which allows them to choose friends, invite them into their room, or ignore those people who just can't help getting on your nerves!

Whatever it is you're looking for, the wide range of people on Valdemar mean you're sure to find someone who shares your interest or passion.


The Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I connect to Valdemar?

You either click on the telnet link, or the Java link. If you've never used telnet before, Java is probably your best bet. There will be a brief delay while your computer connects to Valdemar. When you have successfully connected you will see a title screen and a prompt asking you to enter your name.

At this prompt, enter a character name, not your real name. If you are asked for a password, this means the character name has already been registered and you need to choose a new name. If you are shown a screen welcoming you as a newbie, simply answer the questions to set up the program so you get a proper display. If you don't know the answer to a question, just ignore it, press enter, and carry on.

Once you've answered all the questions and read all the information that is there to help you, you will be connected to the server. You do not need to answer these questions every time - just the first time, because most people get residency. When people have residency, the talker can store their settings so it never asks those questions again. You can change the settings later if you make a mistake.

What is "telnet" anyway?

Telnet is a 'protocol' that allows two computers to connect directly to each other. In this case, your computer will be connecting to the computer at Our talk server is listening for connections on port 2345 and there may be several other programs listening on other ports. A port can accept several connections simultaneously.

What is residency?

Residency is what we call having a permanent character on Valdemar. When you disconnect, your character is deleted, and next time you connect you need to answer all those setting up questions again. To avoid that, most people get residency.

If you ask a Super User for residency, they will type a command that starts the residency process. First, you are asked for your email address. We ask this purely so we have some means of contacting you if we move to a new site, or if there is major news. We will not pass your email address to any third party, and no other resident will be able to see it unless you choose to make it public. When you set an email address we automatically send you an email just to confirm the address is valid, because some people try to set fake addresses to get extra characters.

You are then prompted to set a password. You need to enter it twice to ensure there wasn't a typing error. Once that is done, you're a resident. All you need to do to connect is enter your character name and password.

Residency is free, so there's no real reason not to have it. We're not trying to sell you anything. We won't bother you if you choose not to stay. We just like running a talker where people get to meet others and make friends. If you desire a private place to talk with someone, we'll not disturb you.

What can residents do that newbies can't??

Lots of things! Because a resident character is saved, they accumulate login time, which is the total accumulated time they've spent on the talker. Residents also have a list. This is a very powerful feature, as it allows you to list people as friends, to invite them to your rooms, or to ignore them. You can then tell your friends in one simple command rather than addressing each friend individually.

Residents can use internal mail - a private mail system where you can leave messages for other users in complete privacy.

I need help. I'm stuck...

If you're having trouble talking to people, type:

help say

If you're still stuck, type the following, exactly as it is here:


You will see a list of names appear. Choose one. Then type: tell <that name> Help me. I'm stuck.

So if the person is Athlone you would type: tell athlone Help me. I'm stuck.

Wait a short while and that person will do their best to help you.

What is an SU?

SU is short for Super User. These are people who have been granted extra commands so that they can help residents. On Valdemar the SU's are referred to as Councillors.

SU's have access to additional information, which is held in strictest confidence. Our SUs have been chosen because they have shown the experience, maturity and common sense to handle awkward situations while using their knowledge of Valdemar to assist newbies and residents alike.

How do I become an SU?

Don't call us, we'll call you.

What is the server's specification?

Currently, an AMD K6-300 running on a Super7 motherboard supporting 100MHz SDRAM (want to donate some?). A Fujitsu drive provides the storage. We hope to dramatically expand the memory shortly. [2]