Companion's Quarterly

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Title: Companion's Quarterly
Publisher: Herald's Waystation
Editor(s): Jan Tallevast
Type: newsletter
Frequency: bimonthly?
Medium: print, online
Fandom: Valdemar
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Companion's Quarterly is a gen Valdemar newsletter.

"Our newsletter is called the Companion's Quarterly and will be published every other month. We will be posting an online version of our news-letter and a snail mail one. We urge anyone who is interested to submit a story, artwork, or poetry. We will print all that we receive if they conform to the standards set down by Mercedes Lackey. You can check the rules and regulations and get a release from clicking on the appropriate pony below." The two graphic ponies were white and labeled "Release" and brown and labeled "Rules."

Later on the website: "Any stories set in Misty's worlds will not be allowed to be printed online but can and will be used in the printed newsletter. We accept submissions via snail mail or email. Which ever way you feel more comfortable. We will not publish any emails unless you specifically request we post it with your story, art, etc. We will be accepting stories: original, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, artwork. We will also print reviews on books, magazines, poetry etc. Misty's or non Misty's will be accepted. Look for our games section in each newsletter. If this goes over well we will see about putting it in our online newsletter as a download as well." [1]