Slashing the Angel

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Name: Slashing the Angel
Date(s): 1999-2015 (offline)
Archivist: Kita
Founder: Kita
Type: fan fiction
Fandom: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: Slashing the Angel (2013, Wayback) (2001, Wayback)
I'm Not A Eunuch.png
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Slashing the Angel is a medium-sized Buffyverse fanfiction archive for the character Angel, subtitled love is love, and not fade away and I'm Not A Eunuch. It is a selective, invitation-only archive. The archivist is Kita. The archive was originally hosted by GeoCities.

It contains around 500 stories, mainly slash with some gen, het and threesomes. The main pairings represented are Angel/Connor, Angel/Doyle, Angel/Lindsey, Angel/Oz, Angel/Spike, Angel/Wesley and Angel/Xander. The index page states:

There are stories on this site you will not find anywhere else. There are authors who are no longer with us.
Slashing The Angel stands with the hope that all of us may continue to enjoy these works for years to come.[1]

The archive was founded in 1999 and restyled for its tenth anniversary in April 2009. It went offline in 2015 without any public announcement.

Awards and Reviews

Slashing the Angel won Best Fanfic Site in the Winter 2002 Halo Awards. The judges' reviews were:

Can you say "Oh my!" I absolutely LOVE the picture of Angel on the main page. It's absolutely delicious, and I'm not even talking about the naked tushy. ... It is a definite bookmark for those who are into Slash fiction.
I just dig this site. First of all, the frames show Angel in leather pants, and the splash page shows Angel naked, so, right off, I'm on board. Second, this is a very focused site (Angel slash), with selected fic of generally high quality, and yet there's something here for almost everyone, thanks to the Schizm section (where non-ship or even het fic is archived as well). It's easy to navigate and to find exactly what you're looking for. Handsome, functional and sexy, like Angel himself. :)[2]

The BtVS Writers' Guild reviewed the archive: An exclusive archive of Angel slash fanfiction. Multiple authors, pairings, ratings, and 'ships represented. All high quality fic.[3] It is recommended by Mad Poetess: This is Donna's Angel slash archive (Donna of "Days of Our Unlives"), and .... yum. La la la la yum.[4] All About Spike recommends the archive for quality Angel slash.[5]

Fan Comments

Large archive of Angel-centric slash fanfiction, featuring all pairings. Search by title, author, or pairing. Archive is affliated to, so has many links to other fanfic archives in the Jossverse. [6]


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