Halo Awards

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Name: Halo Awards
Date(s): 2000-c. 2004
Frequency: semi-annual
Format: fanfiction
Type: judged
Associated Community: none
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel
URL: Geocities
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The Halo Awards were judged awards for fanfiction, fan poetry and fanfiction websites in the Buffyverse that were founded in 2000. Among the earliest Buffyverse awards, they ran twice a year until 2003 or 2004. Their aim was: "To recognize the best of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel fan fiction, regardless of genre, website, or authors' popularity." [1]


The awards were founded in summer 2000 by Cynamin. The awards site was initially hosted at ficgoddess.com, but for the fifth round in 2002 moved to an independent site at Geocities (currently archived by Oocities).

In October 2003, Cynamin announced that the awards were going on hiatus.[2] In August 2004, they were taken over by Tango at a new website, hosted at tangofic.com.[3] Although a Summer/Fall 2004 awards round was announced, it is unclear whether it was ever completed.


For the first round the categories were:

  • Best BtVS Story
  • Best Angel Story
  • Best BtVS/Angel Crossover
  • Best Short Fiction
  • Best Humorous Fiction
  • Best Action Story
  • Best Romance
  • Best Unconventional Romance
  • Best Drama
  • Best Future Story
  • Best Past Story
  • Best Original Character
  • Best Crossover
  • Best Poem

Subsequent rounds added categories, including:

  • Best Episodic Story
  • Best Alternate Reality
  • Best Characterization
  • Best Series
  • Best Fanfiction Site


All results from:[4] [More recent winners not archived]

Summer/Fall 2002

Winter 2002

Summer/Fall 2001

Winter 2001

Summer 2000


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