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Name: Roxanne Longstreet Conrad
Alias(es): Julie Fortune, Rachel Caine
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Angel the Series, Highlander, Prey, Pretender, X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Harry Potter, Monk
URL: Rachel Caine
Julie Fortune's Profile
Julie Fortune's Fanfic for the Fearless
Livejournal profile page
Fanfic for the Fearless (archived)
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Roxanne Longstreet Conrad is a long time media and science fiction fan and a prolific fan fiction writer in several fandoms.

She is also a professional writer and published fantasy and horror novels under other pseudonyms. In 2005, she used her Julie Fortune penname to publish a Stargate SG-1 media tie-in novel, Sacrifice Moon [1]

She is the author, using the name Rachel Caine, of Morganville Vampires series; the Weather Warden series, as well as others. She died of soft tissue sarcoma, on November 1, 2020.[2]

Fanworks and Fanac

She was always been an active and vocal supporter of the fan fiction and media fandom community.

In 1996, she wrote:
I was introduced to Doctor Who, weirdly enough, by one of Harlan Ellison's rampaging editorials about Star Trek... Harlan seemed to enjoy ripping the guts out of Trekkers, while grandly preaching the virtues of this (to me) obscure British show I couldn't get on my three channels available in El Paso, Texas. [3]
In 2001, she was interviewed for "The Washington Post" in an article called The E-Files; Mad for Mulder? Got a Jones for Buffy? Juiced by 'JAG'? In the Fanfiction Realm, You Can Make the Plot Quicken:

Those who do talk about [writing fanfiction] are often teased. "Other professionals tend to think I'm crazy for admiting I do fanfic at all," says novelist Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, who writes fanfiction for Pretender, Prey and other shows. "There are also purists who don't believe there is any such thing as good fanfic... that it's all essentially garbage. That kind of perception can lead people to prejudge your professional work."

But still she writes. "I did it in the beginning party to become comfortable with writing fisting characters in television series settings, in the hopes of someday writing either media tie-in novels or television screenplays.

"However, once I started doing it I found it was immensely relaxing for me- fun, challenging and emotionally rewarding."

In 1992, she was a guest of honor at Conniption.

Her Angel story, "Sole Survivors," won a 2002 Halo Award.

Her stories were published in various print fanzines such as Redemption #3 and #4, Pretense #5 and Destinations #1, as well as being online.

She wrote the meta The "Other" Writing: A Writer's Guide to Fan Fiction (1999) and Fan Fiction II: The Revenge, Fanfic Faces Off BigThree Accounting (2000).

Fan Comments

Now this is an interesting case. This author is an established novelist who has taken to dabbling some in fanfic. I literally stumbled across Roxanne's work as it is not found in the usual places and was quite delighted by what I found. I suppose if you like what she's done here you could actually buy one of her books. The piece that really struck me was the eerie investigation of a mysterious dead woman in "The Ghost of You." "Voice of Experience" takes the reader a little further into the private lives of Mulder and Scully and the things they are looking for while they investigate the death of someone from Mulder's past. All of Roxanne's work (at least that you can get for free) can be found at this website. [4]


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