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Recommendation Website
Name: Ice Cream for Freaks
Reccer(s): Doyle
Dates: ?2002-c. 2011 (last updated 2004)
Fandom: Angel the Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL:;; @angelfire (all via WBM)

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Ice Cream for Freaks was a large Buffyverse recommendations site maintained by Doyle. Stories were indexed by character and pairing. Although there was a focus on Spike/Buffy, the site was a particularly good source for rare pairings and unusual characters.

The FAQ describes Doyle's tastes:

I'll read insanely long gen epics or one-page fluffy shippy pieces. Some of my recs are in quite... unconventional pairings. Ultimately my slightly insane goal is to have recced something decent for every possible pairing. Since that's well over three hundred without even going into the minor characters it's not likely, but I can dream, right? So, what's recced already? Well, there's gen, het, slash, character studies, parodies, PWPs, angst, darkfic, schmoop and, err, implausible fantasy AUs.
As of this moment, about half of the recs are Spuffy, because when I started the old site that was my focus, and because there are just so many stories out there based around that pairing.[1]


The site was founded in around 2002. It was originally part of Doyle's Domain and hosted at angelfire. As of 2002, there were 221 stories recommended, which were indexed by author and character/pairing. Of these, 105 were classed as Spuffy, 68 other BtVS and 48 AtS.[2]

In June 2003, the site gained its current name and moved to with a redesign. It then moved to in January 2004; it was last updated in May 2004.[3][4] As of 2012, it is offline.


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