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Name: Cordelia Chase
Title/Rank: Queen C
Status: Higher Power
Relationships: romances with Xander Harris, Groo, Angel, Connor; friendships with Allen Francis Doyle and Charles Gunn
Fandom: Buffyverse
Other: Played by actress Charisma Carpenter
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Cordelia Chase, or Cordy, is a popular character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and later on Angel.

In Fandom

Cordy is very popular in fanfiction.

Cordy Pairings

Despite her canonical relationships and will they/won't they dynamic, Cordy/Xander only seems to be popular on Xander-centric sites, and there are very few Cordy/Wesley fanworks out there.

In Angel, she is commonly shipped with Angel and Angel/Cordelia slowly gained ground over Buffy/Angel as canon moved in that direction and Spuffy took off. Some fans liked the family vibe of Cordelia & Angel looking after Connor as a baby, and this was a factor in the widespread distaste for her subsequent canonical pairing with teenage Connor.

Her pairing with Doyle early in Angel's first season had a following. After Charles Gunn was introduced some fans enjoyed the Cordy/Gunn pairing, but it never gained a massive following. It was, however, one of the go-to background pairings in slash fics featuring Angel in the main couple.

Cordelia features in a lot of femslash, mainly with Faith, Buffy and Willow. There was surprisingly not a lot of femslash featuring Cordy on Angel the Series.

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