Deep Waters

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Name: Deep Waters
Date(s): 2002? - July 27, 2004[1]
Archivist: Angelchase
Founder: Angelchase
Type: Adult Cordelia Chase Fanfiction
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
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Deep Waters was an adult fanfiction archive for Cordelia Chase. It was created using Geocities. At first it had been an adult Cordy unconventional pairings archive, before including canon pairings such as Cordy/Angel and Cordy/Xander.[2]

On the archive closing in 2004:

"Archivist Note: Deep Waters hosts 150 stories now. Not that it is enough Cordy fiction, but at least there's an interesting lot of stories and a pretty nice variety. However, that is as good as it will get. My lack of interest in the AtS/BtVS prevents me for searching for new fic (and also admitting submissions, since I'm really not in the html-y mood). In the links section you will find other archives, if DW doesn't satisfy you anymore. Either way, the site will remain on line. Thank you for visiting. P."


Pairings Archived




Authors Archived

Alley(NYC) Amberina Amy Angelchase Ann Berry Anna Bree
Christie CordeliaChse D. M. Evans Gail GylzGirl Kate Keene Kika
Lady Jesca Matt Melissa Flores Phiz Psychofilly Rachel Rachaelle
Laure Michelle Echo Alex Dollard Princess Buttercup Jennifer Whildin Ditto - Spikette
Rabbit Tiffany WesleysGirl Scifichick774 TopazAngel Lady Angel Penslayer
Mary Nick Midian Anni Red Jacobson Soren Nyrond Sarah-Jane Faithful Chickie
Buffonia Emily Evelyn Black Goolecaptain Isabella Stardust Nikita Mab
Princess Twilite Mae Abby The Reverend Calle Dybedahl Patricia R.D. John O'Connor
RachVG Mac Katie Vieceli Goolecaptain Harper Angel Jade Redgirl
Jane St Clair Michelle K. Callisto's Dark Side Jennifer Oksana Heather Syrenslure Esperanza
goolecaptain GilesWench Carol Clark Ficangel Roz Kaveney The Brat Queen Hold That Thought
Gabrielle Schulz Demon RileySlash Voleuse Jena Ten Fojiao2
Spike N' Cordy Laure Alexander Soft Princess Starlet2367 Aussie Aadvark Jason Thompson Voleuse
PrincessPlumJade Doyle Evil Willow Bri The Bear Isabellas


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