Calle Dybedahl

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Name: Calle Dybedahl
Alias(es): Calle, cdybedahl
Type: author, moderator
Fandoms: Babylon 5, Blake's 7, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pitch Perfect, Stargate SG1, Warehouse 13, & many others
Communities: Lysator
URL: Fanfiction@cyberPoMo; cdybedahl@LJ; cdybedahl@DW; cdybedahl@AO3
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Calle Dybedahl is a slash and femslash fan fiction writer whose work has appeared in fanzines and online. He joined online fandom in 1992, and posted his first fanfiction in 1997.[1] He is the founder and long-term moderator of Lysator, the main Blake's 7 mailing list.[2]


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