Vem Quest

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Title: Vem Quest
Editor(s): Helen Patrick & Harriet Monkhouse
Date(s): January 1999
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Vem Quest is a 37-page gen Blake's 7 anthology with a cover by Whitby27. It is a group story, a round robin, from the Space City mailing list.

Authors are Deborah Rose, Kat W., Alicia Ann Fox, Susan Beth, Harriet Monkhouse, Pat Jacquerie, Margaret Sampson, Helen Patrick, Jackie, Kassandra West, Carolyn, Hanneke, Cami, Twisted Sister, Patti McClellan, Calle Dybedahl, Alison Page, Susan M., Fifitrix, Jenni.


A group story from the Space City mailing list. Ramblings about the US$/sterling exchange rate led to speculation on what a vem was actually worth, and over the next few days many of the Citizens reported strange occurrences with their bank accounts, odd bequests... It was obvious that the only thing to do with all those vems was to book the space cruise someone had found in a rather unusual brochure at the travel agents, and so began the Vem Quest. A warning to non list members - it is a Blake's 7 story, but it features list members as original characters and contains a lot of list in-jokes. Buy at your own risk if you aren't a member of either Space City or the main list at Lysator. Contains non-explicit adult material of a varied nature, including far too many of the Citizens' personal fantasies... [1]


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