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Name: Whitby27 (the pseud used here on Fanlore)
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Man From Uncle
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Whitby27 is a gen and slash fanzine fan artist. She has been nominated for - and won -- several FanQ awards for her artwork.

Whitby27 is the pseud used here on Fanlore.


"During the day I got to buy some slash zines from the dealers room. There was a new one out with some more great artwork from [Whitby27]. Later on that day, I actually discovered that [she] was at the convention and so just had to go and talk to her! It was excellent meeting her - you almost felt like kneeling down in front of her crying "we're not worthy!" I was quite surprised when she said she didn't get much recognition for her artwork which I could not believe! I therefore made up for this by telling her how much I enjoyed her work."[1]

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Note: This image has been marked as depicting acts involving sexual assault and/or consent issues (either non- or dubious consent) and has been minimised.


  1. ^ REDEMPTION 1999 by Louise Badsey