Varia Lectio

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Title: Varia Lectio
Publisher: AngelDog Press
Date(s): April 2002
Medium: print
Size: A5
Genre: gen, adult het and femmeslash
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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cover of black edition
cover of the "Avon trouser' red edition

Varia Lectio is an gen, adult het and femmeslash "all-singing, all-dancing" Blake's 7 anthology containing a collection of hard-edged, gritty, techno-punky sci-fi short stories based in the B7 universe. Stories range from pre-Way Back to post-Gauda Prime and cover every season in between. Art: 14 original pieces of digital artwork, produced by Daisy, 9 in colour. Format: A5, 120 pages, hard-back. Hand-stitched to produce a quality, long-lasting bind. Covered by hand in a choice of black or 'Avon's trouser' red leathercloth and decorated with studs.

There are 52 zines for sale, each one named after a different episode. As of 2nd May 2002, the following were still available: Spacefall, Cygnus, Squad, Mission, Breakdown, Bounty, Orac, Avalon, Weapon, Hostage, Keeper, Powerplay, Volcano, Dawn, Harvest, Children, Sarcophagus, Ultraworld, Moloch, Rescue, Power, Traitor, Stardrive, Animals, Headhunter, Assassin, Games, Gold & Warlord.

The stories in Varia are predominantly aimed at a general mature readership. However, two - Heroes Lost and Swamp Weed - contain a small amount of sexual content and as such this zine was meant for adults.

Blood, Heroes, Swamp, Quarry, and Intelligent Mind were originally posted to the now-defunct unarchived B7 mailing list Space City in the last century. An unedited, unillustrated version of Heroes Lost is archived on the author's website. Four Credit Opera and Shooting Stars were completely new.

  • Editorial by Ellie B
  • an ad for Redemption Con
  • First Blood, by Steve Rogerson: Some days are more unexpected than others for a Federation policeman. (5 pages)
  • Heroes Lost, by Calle Dybedahl: Babylon 5's White Star jumps out of a blue vortex next to the Liberator, and neither universe will ever be the same again. Contains FF slash. (Se/Delenn, Delenn/ocm, C/Ivanova, A/Se, uc A/C, Se/Tr) (54 pages)
  • Four Credit Opera, by Penny Dreadful: In the shadows of Space City, a drifter meets a Federation fugitive. (10 pages)
  • Swamp Weed, by Jessica Leenstra: A young Soolin begins her love affair with the gun. (So/ocms) (22 pages)
  • Quarry Dogs, by Alison Page: Mr Black's a man with a plan. What could possibly go wrong? (script-form, based on Reservoir Dogs, 11 pages)
  • "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, by Alison Page, (Shakespeare pastiche) (1 page)
  • Shooting Stars, by Una McCormack: Treachery and sacrifice on Gauda Prime. (B/J) (5 pages)
  • An Intelligent Mind Can Adapt, by Harriet Monkhouse: Servalan learns the shocking secret of who killed Blake. (4 pages)