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Synonyms: PWB
See also: pastfic, backstory, PGP
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Pre-Way Back, or more usually PWB, is a term used to refer to pre-series works in the Blake's 7 fandom, which are set before the first episode, "The Way Back". PWB is used by Sarah Thompson in her catalogue of Blake's 7 fanfiction and is also used by some B7 online archives, most notably

It is the opposite of post-Gauda Prime or PGP, which refers to works set after the end of the series, though it is significantly less popular. This is arguably because most of the characters haven't met each other yet (though fanfiction does sometimes posit that they have). Stories that explore Avon's relationship with Anna Grant are among the most popular, as are stories that assume that Blake and Avon knew each other (usually sexually) before their apparent meeting in 'Space Fall'. The popularity of this latter device can be ascribed to the following lines of dialogue from 'Cynus Alpha':

AVON I handled the computer analysis for a research project into matter transmission. It was based on a new alloy...

BLAKE Aquatar.

AVON That's right.

BLAKE Yes, I worked on that project too.

AVON Small world.

BLAKE Large project.[1]

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Blake & Avon and Blake/Avon