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Name: Pat Fenech
Type: fanfiction, essays, fan art, reviews, zine editor/publisher
Fandoms: Blake's 7
Communities: Lysator, Space City
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Pat Fenech is an Australian fanwriter, essayist, artist, zine editor & publisher active in the Blake's 7 fandom since the mid-1990s. Her work usually focuses on the characters Blake and Avon. She published her first piece of fanfiction in the first Blake's 7 e-zine, The Aquitar Files in around 1996. Her subsequent fanfiction appeared in multiple printzines; most is not available online.

As an artist, she is particularly known for her innovative photo montages, which illustrated her own zines as well as Sleer as Folk and Fire & Ice issues 7 & 9. Her art for the zine Sleer as Folk won a 2003 Screwz award.[1]

In Her Own Words

The Way Forward: Crusades of Blake cover
...I love Blake's 7. Have loved it ever since I first saw it all those many long years ago and the love has not diminshed with the passing of the years, rather has grown ever stronger particularly since I got access to the Internet about 18 months ago & discovered Blake's 7 heaven. I have only just begun to write. Have often thought about it, but its taken me a long time to stiffen up the sinews enough to try. I hope the attempts will be found to be enjoyable :)[2]

In Other People's Words

Fire & Ice 9 interior art
  • Pat Fenech is also rapidly acquiring a following among fans who appreciate elegant use of language ... The photo montages consist of six to ten telepics arranged against a landscape background; I've never seen anything quite like them, and I like them very much. (Sarah Thompson)[3]
  • Pat Fenech's writing reminds me a bit of Una's-- very lyrical, very oblique. (Sarah Thompson)[4]
  • Actually Pat, despite being a new writer, is one of my favorites, too. ... Pat's basic style is always heavy on feelings and very poetical in nature, as opposed to straight noun-verb-direct object type of action writing. She slowly paints moods and emotions with her writing. Pat, also, plays with words and repetition, and the way she presents her story is extremely vital. Like a poem, it can't be paraphrased effectively. The way she tells her story is as important as the story itself. (Joyce Bowen)[5]

Example Fanworks

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

  • 'Never Say Die'. The events of 'Star One' from Blake's PoV. Sarah Thompson writes wonderfully intense emotionally ... Beautifully written[6] (1998)
  • 'Under a dark star sail'. Avon PoV pre- & early in series. Sally Manton writes very well done, with an almost musical use of language and nice flow[7] (1999)
  • 'Remember Me'. Blake & Avon after 'Orbit' in season 4. Sally Manton writes Elegiac, autumnal in feel[7] (1999)
  • 'Claims of Obligation'. Avon finds out about Anna Grant's 'death'. Sarah Thompson writes exquisite[8] (2001)



Zines Pat edited or published include:


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