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Name: Espresso Addict
Alias(es): Tavia
Type: reccer, publisher
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Doctor Who, Earthsea, Good Omens, Harry Potter, Jossverse, rarelit, Star Trek, Tolkien, etc.
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Espresso Addict maintains a prominent recs site, Espresso Recommendations, "showcasing the very best across multiple sf, fantasy & literature fandoms." Her tastes run toward the cerebral, though she has recced every conceivable genre and rating.

Under the pseud Tavia, she published the Blake's 7 fanzine TTBA, which won a FanQ Award for Best Slash Zine in 2002. She also co-founded the Mithril Awards in the Tolkien fandom.

As Espresso Addict, she hosts the Earthsea compendium, The Isolate Tower, and the Earthsea Fanfiction Masterlist.