Earthsea Fanfiction Masterlist

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Name: Earthsea Fanfiction Masterlist
Owner/Maintainer: Espresso Addict
Dates: 2009-present
Type: masterlist of fanfiction & poetry
Fandom: Earthsea
URL: Earthsea Fanfiction Masterlist
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The Earthsea Fanfiction Masterlist is a listing of online fanfiction and fan poetry for the Earthsea series by Ursula Le Guin, compiled by the Espresso Addict. The site is associated with The Isolate Tower, an Earthsea fansite, and uses the same design. It was started in November 2009[1] as a way to find online fiction in the absence of a central archive. The masterlist was last updated in August 2012, with 117 works listed.[2]

The list is intended to be complete, although the compiler notes that A few works labelled as Earthsea have been excluded as having little or no link with the universe.[3] Fanworks are indexed by author, character, source, length and date of publication; a list of crossovers is available. Author pages give links to an archive and a blog, where available, together with a list of their works. Each entry includes:[3]

  • title
  • author
  • author's summary, or a short quotation if no summary is available
  • up to three sites where the work is available online
  • rating (general, teen, mature); assigned by the compiler if no rating is given
Author listing
  • whether the work is a WiP
  • up to three major characters
  • type of pairing (no pairing, m/f, m/m, f/f); however pairings are not stated
  • length
  • source works (which novel(s) of the series, adaptations)
  • time period set
  • year of first known online publication
  • any challenges for which the work was written
  • any crossover fandom


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