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Name: InsaneJournal, Insanejournal, IJ
Dates: 2001-present
Type: Social Networking Site, Blogging Platform
Fandom: Meta, Multifandom
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InsaneJournal is a journaling service that uses LiveJournal's open source code. It was founded by Squeaky in 2001[1].

Since Strikethrough 2007, many fans have used InsaneJournal either as a mirror for their LiveJournals or as a permanent new home. Notably, Pornish Pixies is now an InsaneJournal community (or, to use IJ's lingo, "asylum").

Squeaky ran as a pro-fandom candidate in the 2008 LiveJournal Advisory Board elections.

InsaneJournal has come under some criticism for the way mental illness is portrayed, and used as a branding feature.[2]

From the main page of InsaneJournal:

- At InsaneJournal we believe in freedom of expression. We will not censor content unless it obviously violates United States law and we receive an offical takedown notice. We do not self-police the site.
- Yes we are fanfic friendly. We believe works of fiction are just that. And unless such work infringes on a copyright that does not fall under "fair use" we believe you have the right to post that content.[3]

A basic account does have advertisements, though not as intrusive as those on LiveJournal, and it starts out with 100 icons.

There is a sizable portion of Harry Potter (Harry/Snape shippers as a majority due to the targeting of a Snarry artist during Boldthrough, though there are plenty of other shippers as well) as well as Queer as Folk fandom on InsaneJournal, and there is a yearly multi-fandom challenge that celebrates the freedom to write porn. Many of the RPGs that were based on GreatestJournal have also made their home on InsaneJournal.

For those who are starting out on the site, there is a Beginner's Guide To InsaneJournal created.

Another reason to love InsaneJournal - Squeaky blocks Yes to Prop 8 ads from the site when a user brings it to his attention.

The comment rot problem that plagued InsaneJournal has been fixed.


Squeaky is one of the main reasons why people use InsaneJournal as their primary journaling site. He offers a clear and open line of communication to the users when things are going wrong or when he is planning decisions concerning the site and the rest of the user base. When InsaneJournal goes down, users can look to InsaneJournal's Twitter page for more information.


2007 Year In Review

10/30/2011 marks 10 years of InsaneJournal.


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