Bring Back The Porn

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Name: Bring Back The Porn, BBtP
Date(s): 2007-present
Type: Challenge
Fandom: multifandom
URL: "Bring Back The Porn". Archived from the original on 2017-01-13.
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Bring Back The Porn, also called BBtP, is a yearly multi-fandom challenge on InsaneJournal where on September 1, people post their links of their fannish works to the asylum. One doesn't have to be based on IJ in order to participate with BBTP as the moderator posts an entry each year where those without IJs can post their links.

BBtP was started in 2007 after people moved from LiveJournal as a way to celebrate the freedom to write porn.

From the asylum profile:

Bring Back the Porn was born from a comment made after the LJ censorship issues went, in my opinion, completely over the top. It was a way for Fandom to take back what was ours. Bring Back the Porn will run annually on 1 September.
BBtP will continue to be done in the free-for-all manner as it started. The only guidelines to adhere to will be posting a link to bbtp_challenge for fics/art/music/etc posted on 1 September. No prompts, no word counts, no specific fandom.

The creator of BBtP wrote in her journal:[1]

Bring Back the Porn is an informal challenge that runs on InsaneJournal because way back in 2007 there were a fuckton of LJ refugees on IJ thanks to strikethrough and LJ's brain lapse on the fact that fiction is not real, therefore it shouldn't be banned and we all had a need to get comfortable in our new home on IJ.
Porn just seemed like the best way to do that. ;-)
Just like that, Bring Back the Porn was born. Every September 1 since, we flood IJ with porn. Any writing, drawing, icons, music, picspam that has some sort of smut factor is posted to wherever (AO3, DW, IJ, LJ... don't care where) and then a link is posted at the Bring Back the Porn Challenge community on IJ. It can be implied smut, it can be graphic smut, it can be downright fucking raunchy smut (I vote for this one *cheeky grin*), it just needs to be smut.

There is a sister asylum to BBtP called Ides of March (defunct) that includes all ratings of fannish works on March 15 instead of just R/NC-17 works with BBtP. This was also a yearly IJ event.

In 2013, florida_minxie stepped down as mod of BBtP[2] and torino10154 and sdk took over the community as new mods.



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