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Journal Community
Name: Ides of March
Date(s): 2007-present
Founder: the_minx_17
Type: Challenge
Fandom: multifandom
URL: Ides of March

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Ides of March was an InsaneJournal community created in 2007 by the_minx_17 as a sister asylum to Bring Back The Porn, allowing for works ranging from G to NC-17 instead of just NC-17. Original fiction/works are also allowed. Posting is on March 15th, thus the name of the asylum.

Their slogan which appears on the banner is "Beware the Ides of March - the day fandom takes over InsaneJournal with a frenzy of fic and art. Every fandom. Every pairing. Everybody!"

The numbers for 2008 were 84 fic posts, 6 art posts, 4 icon posts, and one fandom picspam post.[1]

There wasn't an official Ides of March in 2009 though people still did an unofficial Ides.[2]

Ides of March no longer runs.


2008 Masterlist

2009 Stats


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